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Golf Legend Mickey Wright Condemns The Modern Swing

This is incredible – I’ve written a couple of posts before about Mickey Wright, first about her great Classic Golf Swing action and then a little more breaking down her setup and mechanics, but the legendary golfer really gives the Modern Golf Swing a firm condemnation in a long-awaited interview with Golf Digest (thanks to Peter A for passing it on).

I’m wondering how many of the greatest golfers ever have to to knock down the Modern Golf Swing, but they won’t be around forever – so it’s a good thing to get them on the record.

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This Is Cool – Back Injury Researcher Has A Classic Golf Swing Model

There is a university not to far from where I live, by the name of the University of Waterloo, that is home to Dr. Stuart McGill, a professor emeritus there, about whom Welshman has been telling me over the summer.

I haven’t had time to fully investigate him, having been busy with the “E = MCS” video and now the follow-up material, but I went to check him out today at Welshman’s urging, and some of you will love this…

His views on the back and athletic motion support Classic Golf Swing theory over Modern Golf Swing theory, if what I’ve seen researching his work is any indication!

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DJ’s Theory – Golf Is A Dying Sport B/C of Modern Golf Swing

foley-tigerOriginally posted Sept 18, 2016 – and I’ve seen nothing in the past year that would change my opinion…

It is no secret that the golf industry is in decline, perhaps part of a natural boom and bust cycle, but I would posit that a major facet of it is in the fact that the modern golf swing is chasing and keeping people away from the game.

Golf will always be played, so the game itself is not in peril.  There will always be enough people with the means, opportunity and of course desire to play.

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“Losing One’s Level” Is Not A Good Thing

You may have heard some things regarding the tendency of Modern Golf Swingers to do what I call “losing one’s level,” which is also called the “harpoon” by some and which is actually praised in modern analysis.

Even worse, you will hear some analysts calling this losing of one’s level on the down swing (where the head precipitously drops) as “getting ready to jump” at the impact stage, which is absurd – if you lose your level on the down swing and don’t react to it before impact, you’ll hit the ground about a foot behind the ball.

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Tom Watson Would Definitely Love MCS

In fact, before anyone accuses me of stealing his swing model, of course I didn’t – I don’t really watch instructional videos from even the game’s greatest players because I felt that watching their swings was good enough.

I might have saved myself time from the 12 years of my swing research however, if I had watched certain swingers’ explanations… thanks to Terry who posted a couple of Tom Watson video clips in the comments section of another piece on the swing in response to Jim’s “Aha” moment!

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Classic Golf Swing = Full Body = Watch The Shoulder/Knee

I briefly mentioned Welshman having an “Aha” moment in his journey to building a mechanically-sound golf swing swing, and he told me something else with excitement that amazed me – not that it hadn’t occurred to me before, but that he’d noticed it at all.

I take a great many things for granted, I suppose – I figure that if I know something that has to the do with the swing, then everyone else must as well, but here’s something you may never have noticed, even though I talk all the time about a “full body” motion with the Classic Golf Swing and pivot action.

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Notice Where All Of Golf’s Back Injuries Are Occurring….

jason-day-backOriginally Posted January 24th, 2017

If you want any proof at all how damaging and dangerous the Modern Golf Swing is, you can probably find it yourself simply be looking at the region where most back injuries appear to be occurring in these modern players.

Tiger Woods, Nick Watney, Jason Day – you can go on and on with the list of golfers suffering from lower back pain and injuries, and yet, how does a guy (like yours truly) get up day after day with an aching lower back (from a deformity – scoliosis – and not an injury) with no problem in swinging a golf club?

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To Injured Professional Players – An Open Letter

addr-imp2Originally Posted October 8, 2016 – Re-posted with a little revision to the content.

I will not refer to any single player nor to any single “swing guru” or biomechanics “specialist,” but will instead directly address injured Professional Tour¬†players yourselves.

My object, if you don’t read this, is to at least bring the issue to any person searching the internet for a proper way to swing a golf club (which is how most of my readership has come across and has stayed at this blog).

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Who Said It – Harvey Penick… Or MCS?

I received some quotes from Uncle JJ taken from Harvey Penick’s “Little Red Book” (20th Ed.), and I have to admit, just about every one of them would nail some MCS principle or concept.

I don’t think there are two better-known books about the golf swing than Hogan’s “Five Lessons” and the “Little Red Book.”

Especially interesting is the quote about the down swing you’ll see in there, which is pertinent to the down swing “Drop & Pop” treatment from earlier in the week.

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Dustin Johnson Proves MCS Theory Beats Modern Swing

**David D. sent me this Youtube clip…

How does he do that, when I’ve never met Dustin Johnson, who has likely never heard of DJ Watts or MCS Golf Swing theory?

Well, Dustin Johnson proves the MCS Theory by producing the same kind of ball speed numbers that I can – but he’s a 6’4″ PGA Tour player, ranked #1 in the world, and a far better athlete than I am!

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