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Wondering If Swing “Gurus” Know What Compensations Are

When I watch golf on television and see the “analysis” on swings, I really wonder if anyone in the “Modern Golf Swing” school knows what a compensation is.

If you asked me what a compensation is, when it relates to the golf swing, to me it’s a motion that is made to overcome either a faulty stance, to make proper contact with the ball from an improper position at some point in the swing (“3 To 9” position or at the top, etc.), or simply to avoid injury that would or could occur if that certain motion is not made.

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I’m Going To Personally Test Planted vs Lifting Heel

This is something over which I’ve been going back and forth for some time.

And don’t worry, as I’ve shown there is a way years before to swing in the MCS manner with a planted heel – I just wouldn’t swing that way myself because keeping the heel down is a deliberate thing.

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Even More Science On The Back & Pivot! (Video)

I know that many  people don’t delve into the comments (and I don’t blame you, from what I usually see in the comments sections of other websites), so for those of you who remember my posting on the spine and twisting from last summer (spoiler: don’t do that), here’s a great video from John Vickers, CSCS, of the Golf Swing BMI on that same subject.

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More Science On The Proper Pivot (Video)

Happy New Year everyone!  I got this video below from DK (great find as always, DK!), showing that golf science is slowly coming into play in a real way, or at least I hope.

Incredibly, this video only has 2,700 views, when it should be required viewing for anyone purporting to be a golf swing “guru,” biomechanics or kinesiology expert in golf mechanics.

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Modern Golf Swing = Lost Leverage

All you have to do is watch the “down move” or what most people call the transition at the top from back swing to down swing, to see how the Modern Golf Swing has lost the natural leverage that the Classic Golf Swing models contain(ed).

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The Proper Method Has Always Been Proper

Let me show you all an illustration from the cover of the man once called the greatest golf instructor on earth, one Tommy Armour, just to show you what the Modern Golf Swing world has lost.

The point I’ll make afterward is simple – that proper methodology was the Classic Golf Swing methodology, and what was proper then should still be proper now, although sadly, it isn’t.

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More Modern Swing Stuff… The “Snead Squat”

I have been hearing for years upon years that to swing with power, you want to “emulate Sam Snead’ssquat,'” whatever that is supposed to mean.

I still hear it on TV and read it online.

I can show you below that the the half-way down position in just about any swing, good or bad, has the “squat” aspect to it, and it has nothing to do with Sam Snead.

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A Look At Rickie Fowler’s Golf Swing

I looked at Rickie Fowler’s golf swing a while back and declared that he was making some progress from the swing with which he had turned pro and then with which he encountered some back injury issues.

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Re: The Old “Moving Off The Ball”

If you’ve been around golf for a while, you’ll know exactly what this means, and if you’re new to golf, you may have heard mention here or there about how a player “moves off the ball” on his or her back swing.

I remember a lot of talk when Tiger Woods was tearing up the Tour around the time of his Tiger-Slam in ’00-’01 how he “moved off the ball” on the start of his back swing.

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Tiger Woods – 2 Positive Things + 1 Major Issue (Video)

Believe it or not, I saw a couple of things I liked in Tiger Woods’ golf swing when I took a close look at a swing from an angle I could check it out properly.

Down the line, which was 90% of the swing coverage, doesn’t show much of what I wanted to see… but of course, I also saw the one thing that raises caution flags when evaluating any Modern Golf Swing.

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