Email August 2013: “Someone sent me a link to a story you wrote about me… I had a shoot today with Golf Channel and while I was at the range… the flared foot thing like hogan that you recommended I do.. I killed it!”

Ryan winther – 2012 Remax World Long Drive Champion


Most Recently

“DJ, I’ve gotta tell ya, I’ve had more positive comments on my swing (New MCS) and results from it every time I golf.  Things like WOW, how do you get cranked like that, look at that cut thru the wind, did you see where that landed, that was just beautiful.  I could go on and on…it’s been fun. I don’t mention these things to brag, but just want you to know.”  – C.E.

Here are a few of the responses I received, in email and in comments posted on the former DJ Watts Golf blog since the Formula release:

M.Y. – “Just watched the formula-absolutely awesome video man! I have been working on a lot of these principles since finding you last month but this really fills in the gaps and makes it really easy. Was cracking them so high and long tonight simply focusing on starting with the right stance aka formula….”

C.M. – “What a great tool. Your presentation was exceptional. I am excited to make the changes from your MCS to The Formula. I am looking forward to your next installment. Simple concise and easy to understand the ONLY way to hit the ball…”

R.C. – “I went and hit some balls today, and could not believe how nice and straight I was hitting them. A few others, in the stalls just over, were actually stopping to watch. I really now know that I can play this game and have fun doing it, rather than being constantly frustrated.”

R.R. – “I downloaded the Formula video this morning and went through it once and you have delivered big time as to understanding, demonstration, and theory and practice. I love the exercises. I felt I was understanding the Formula before as you presented aspects of it in the member section, but this very well done video seals the deal!”

S.P. – “Was only able to watch the first half of “The Formula” before heading to the range at lunch… WOW! Within 10 swings I hit 5 or 6 that really impressed me… Very exciting and so far very simple to understand…”

K.B. – “‘Take it to the top, and step into it…’ Once the grinding halted and the swiveling commenced I started nailing every club with the same formula. I better stock up on more epoxy…”


And On the Full Swing:

E.O. – “An even better UPDATE – I just shot my 1st ever round under par today. I’d say New MCS is working! 71 (-1) on a 7,074 yard course.”

S.P. – “I broke par today for the first time in a while focusing entirely on the new MCS… I have definitely bought in to what you are doing and preaching. Appreciate all you do. “

R.P. – “Played 9 holes at local course today with my retired friend. Implemented New MCS and The Formula. All I can say is WOW!!

Longest drive 308 yards!!! Never never done that before. Iron shots crisp and into the green…

… New MCS is so easy and consistent. Everyone MUST try it. My friend is a newly converted believer”




And on the New MCS methodology in general:

P.A. – “You’ve got the real goods – a simple, repeatable platform from which to swing the golf club and play the game without hurting your body. No contortions, wacky positions, just solid, mechanically sound fundamentals that golfers will flock to in their quest to improve once they see it in action and understand how easy it is to implement.”

M.S. – “The smash factor with DJ method. I am hitting the ball further than ever.”

P.N. – “I’ve have been playing for 20 years now but not regularly.  I have tried dozens of golf swings and methods but I feel your Formula made the most sense.”