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Dustin Johnson Grabs #1 – Jason Day Fading

dustin johnsonYou all know that I used to be very high on Jason Day, to the point where I was saying, in a stock market term, that I’d be buying Day and selling Jordan Spieth, even with Day’s back ailments.

But that was then, and this is now – I predicted that Dustin Johnson would pass them both, and now he has, with his win yesterday to take the Genesis Open title at Riviera Country Club.

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PGA Tour Gurus Don’t Understand Release! (Tony Finau)

finau release*An Archived Posting From December 06, 2015

I was looking for a good swing clip of Tony Finau today for whatever reason – I wasn’t going to profile his swing or anything, although he’s a prodigiously long hitter.

I was just looking to see what he pivot action looks like, and it’s not bad, but the one thing I learned about anything today while looking at Finau’s “Golf Digest” analysis was – and this is embarrassing to have to point out, I assure you – the swing gurus to the PGA Tour players don’t understand the release action of a proper golf swing…

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Jordan Spieth On Hitting Wedges…

spieth wedgeGolfdigest and are publications who just always seem to be posting face-palm type articles, most likely because of the lag time in publishing something in a magazine after the initial thought.

You know, the type of articles that look more like a tongue-in-cheek poke than actual advice for the struggling golfer.

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Dustin Johnson & Brooke Henderson On A Roll…

hendersonThese are assorted post-Holiday thoughts, well, post-Holiday for Canada (July 1st National Holiday) while my American neighbors kick their national festivities into high gear today.

First things first – congrats to Canadian LPGA member Brooke Henderson, who at 18 years of age captured her 3rd LPGA Tour victory (including that major last month), and her 2nd straight Portland Classic title.

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Buy Jason Day, Sell Jordan Spieth

jason dayIf you bought Jordan Spieth or Jason Day last year, you would have great returns.  This season, I’d be buying Jason Day, even with his history of back ailments.

I’d be selling Spieth, because it doesn’t look as if he’s coming around swing-wise – yesterday, he flubbed yet another wedge and found water, taking a triple-bogey from the middle of the fairway on a par-5 and wedge for his 3rd.

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Jordan Spieth & Dustin Johnson Paired Together @ Bridgestone


dustin johnson topIf you’re looking for an interesting pairing in today’s 1st round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, Dustin Johnson, reigning U.S. Open Champion and Jordan Spieth have just teed off and will be playing together today and tomorrow, with Justin Rose rounding out the 3-some.

I don’t normally watch 1st and 2nd rounds of non-major events anymore due to the abysmal televised coverage, I will settle in to watch this particular pairing.

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Jordan Spieth Still In Denial

jordan-spiethThe U.S. Open at Oakmont is upon us, and I am prepared to be massively off the mark for my following prediction that Jordan Spieth struggles (and perhaps even misses the cut) as defending U.S. Open Champion.

I have already spoken my piece about how no one with a swing as flawed as his should be winning tournaments, let alone majors, except of course where hitting fairways is irrelevant to scoring.

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Jordan Spieth Might Re-Think His Swing Motto

spieth follow thruIf you think Denial is just a river in Egypt, then you’ll love what I found online this morning while searching for some Jordan Spieth information – but this was just too much to pass over.

You’ll recall that last year, if anyone mentioned Spieth’s horrific swing mechanics (other than Peter Kostis of course, who is effusive in his praise of Spieth’s “power move” here), the answer was invariably, “Hey, he doesn’t need a swing with that putting…”

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Players Championship – Saturday Thoughts

jason day topI will be at work on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video all weekend, but I did notice something of interest while the Players Championship coverage watched me working yesterday.

First of all was the gob-smacking sight of Ernie Els swinging with a floating heel on the back swing while warming up yesterday morning.

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So… The Swing Matters

jordan-spiethCongratulations to Danny Willett on his 1st major victory in taking the 2016 Masters!

If a man ever entered a major tournament under the radar, it was the then-11th world ranked Willett, who now goes to #9.

And the world #2 (again) player, sadly, doesn’t know quite how to swing a golf club, although he has two major trophies on his resume already, while the nearly-demoted to #2 player in the world (but still #1 – Jason Day)  has a swing that is tearing up his lower back, and the #3 player, with 4 majors on his mantel (Rory McIlroy), can’t decide which way to best miss the most of the putts he strokes.

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