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Here’s Something Silly…

Let me run something past everyone, because I can’t wrap my brain around the logic of what Modern Golf Swing proponents are always saying.

I’m talking about the restricting of the hip turn in the back swing by keep that leading heel firmly planted on the back swing, all to promote more stability and therefore consistency in the golf swing.

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Checking In On Bryson DeChambeau (It Isn’t The Putting)

You’ve probably seen a lot more of Bryson DeChambeau in ads and features than you have on the leaderboard since he turned pro, and the prevailing sentiment has been that his problems have to do with putting.

I disagree, and just want to throw some names and numbers up to illustrate why I do – his putting is terrible, yes, but likely stems from his other problems.

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Sergio Garcia, Masters Champ @ 37!

I don’t know if you remember, but I posted on Sergio Garcia’s swing model a couple of months back, when he won the Dubai Desert Classic in February.

Therein, I compared Sergio at 37 to Tiger Woods at 38 (the age TW was when he broke his back working with Sean Foley), surprise, surprise!! Sergio just won his maiden major tournament, at the old age of 37…

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(Updated) Tiger Woods & Fred Couples “What Ifs?”

Update: If you don’t think it’s obvious Tiger Woods’ career is done, here’s an update from a new GolfDigest online posting on Tiger’s real condition, without the SSM, or “Steinberg Spin Machine.”

In the piece by Sam Weinman, we now get the news that TW was nowhere near game shape at any time, because you can see it plainly in this description of his two attempts to practice for the Masters.

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Steingberg Gives A Lesson On BS – A Tigerless Masters

I don’t know why it ‘s such a big deal – “it” being the question of whether or not Tiger Woods is going to play in this year’s Masters tournament, that is.

It’s obvious that, even if he could, he would be a non-factor of non-factors given the way he played after a year and a half off to fix his ailing back.

Now, we’re treated to more balderdash from his agent, and let me just show you where Steinberg all but admits that there’s no question – Tiger won’t be playing this year.

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“The Dan Plan” – The Fatal Flaw

Wax reader T.C. sent me a link to an article on the fellow (Dan McLaughlin) who goes by the moniker “Dan Plan,” based on his plan to see if he could become a professional-level golfer by following the “10,000 Hours” principle.

That being that it supposedly takes a minimum of 10,000 hours of working/studying to master something.  Followers of MA will remember he said the same thing long ago.

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Sunday Grab Bag – Valspar Champs & Spring Delayed!

I can’t believe that after one of the mildest winters we’ve had yet (it rained on New Year’s Eve, unheard-of in these parts heretofore), we’ve got the biggest snow storm of the year on the way, which should dump between 15-25cm (6″-9″) on us sometime between tomorrow and Tuesday afternoon.

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(Updated: Out of API W/No Return Date) We Can Call Tiger’s Career Now…

Make no mistake – it was a great run, featuring the probably best 10 year span ever, and in totality the 2nd greatest career of all time with 14 majors won, but it’s a wrap.

No surprise to anyone paying attention, but if the usual boosters are not saying anything positive right now, and if they’re in fact saying things that seem a little ominous, I imagine we can roll up Tiger Woods’ playing career now for posterity.

In the latest installment of “will he or won’t he?” I’ll go and predict we aren’t going to see Tiger in this year’s Masters toonamint, and if he doesn’t play in the Masters more than two months following his “not-so-serious back spasm” incident in Dubai, I’m expecting a retirement announcement this year.

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Dustin Johnson, The Exception Proving The Rule?

dustin-johnson-topI have to say that, having always enjoyed watching Dustin Johnson play (I first wrote about his swing back in 2010, I believe), I am really enjoying his taking over the #1 World Ranking in golf.

Q: Why would I?  

After all, isn’t he a “modern golf swing” player with a planted heel, which violates the very tenets of a mechanically-sound swing?

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