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Jack Nicklaus Was A Hacker…

nicklaus-dj-spineStill working on “Dropping The Hammer,” but I had a thought while editing video:

If you go to any of the popular golf sites or forums on the intertoobz, you’ll likely get a lot of advice about stance and posture, and things like “slouching” or “goat-humping” and the like.

You’ll also be shocked to know that Jack Nicklaus, if you took his golf swing and somehow changed it from him to someone else, was apparently a hacker.

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Back Specialist Calls Out The Modern Golf Swing – You’ve All Been Warned

rory mcilroy kneeWell, it seems no one will have an excuse after today – anyone who is trying to play a power game or hit the ball a long distance (which is, in essence, the “power game”) with a modern golf swing model is putting themselves at risk of back injuries.

The article I’m going to quote here from a Golf Channel online piece by Matt Adams describes the doctor I’m about to reference as:
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Michael Jordan’s Swing Is Bad, But He’s No Dummy (Part 1)

mj-topOne might be tempted to say all sorts of unkind things about the swing I’m about to show you all, but I can tell looking at Michael Jordan’s golf swing that, from an athletic point of view, he’s no dummy.

If you remember the hilarious statement offered by the likes of Brandel Chamblee and others back in the mid-00’s, that Tiger Woods was the greatest athlete ever in golf, “perhaps the greatest athlete ever (insert laugh line here) – and anyone who saw Michael Jordan playing b-ball in his prime would certainly have had fun with that incredibly dense assertion.

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Modern Swing Lessons For Sam Snead

sam snead addressRemember these words:

“Sam Snead has a very smooth, rhythmic swing, but he makes some mistakes during the backswing…”

I got the following article link from Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA, and I imagine he was chuckling as hard as I rolled my eyes when I read it.

He always does this to me: I don’t read golf publications, for the most part, because this kind of stuff is what I see.

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A Question For Peter Kostis (And All of Modern Golf)

sam snead jonas blixtFirst we had Brandel Chamblee spilling the truth about the Modern Golf Swing in a rare moment on Golf Channel.

Now, in this swing analysis by Peter Kostis, you’ll hear him talking about the free hip action in Sam Snead’s classic golf swing as excellent.

You’ll also hear him say at the end that swings don’t get any better than Snead’s.

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Dear Tiger – You’re Not Sam Snead

snead topOh dear, Tiger Woods is into the crazy-talk again.

No, Tiger, you’re not Sam Snead.

You’re not even Vijay Singh – he was as good a ball-striker as you were, even better, when he was 40.

When he won his 3rd and last major, the PGA Championship in 2004 and achieved the Number 1 mark in the World Golf Rankings, he was 41 and a half years old.

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The Better Swings Get…The More They Look The Same

snead-crowell-1A little comparison I whipped up from Sam Snead’s address position face-on and down the line versus that of Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell just today as we did some work together.

The great thing for us, even thousands of miles apart from one another, is that Jerry already understands all of the MCS terminology and concepts.

Throw in the fact that he can send me instant video from Goose Creek’s Lorena Ochoa Academy and I can respond very quickly via email or Facebook pm’s.  So he’s adopting one change after another very quickly.

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