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Golf Channel’s Martin Hall Nearly Nails The MCS Stance

Martin HallBig T sent me this clip showing Martin Hall of The Golf Channel almost nailing the MCS “Leaning A” address stance.

Not only that, he used a similar concept to do it that you’ve watched in the “Secrets of MCS” video short “5 Minutes of MCS” and the full-length “MCS – Perfect Pivot video.

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Forbes – “Anatomy” Most Important Golf Book Of Our Generation?

forbesYou can check out Forbes Magazine online and read an article by contributor Larry Omsted, who asks that pertinent question:

Is Brandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” the most important golf book in our generation?

The answer, simply, is “Yes.”

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Brandel Chamblee’s Book Nails The “Lie” Of Modern Swing Theory

brandel chambleeUpdate: You can read about Brandel’s new book “Anatomy of Greatness” and order it here, among other places… looks like a good read!

You should watch this video piece with Brandel Chamblee, who is dispensing more advice regarding what I call the “classic” or classic era golf swing.

I remember calling a model I was working on, way back in 2007, the “50’s Classic” model because it had the same floating heel pivot action as the players from that era.

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