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DJ’s Theory – Golf Is A Dying Sport B/C of Modern Golf Swing

foley-tigerIt is no secret that the golf industry is in decline, perhaps part of a natural boom and bust cycle, but I would posit that a major facet of it is in the fact that the modern golf swing is chasing and keeping people away from the game.

Golf will always be played, so the game itself is not in peril.  There will always be enough people with the means, opportunity and of course desire to play.

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Big T (Jerry Crowell) Wins PGA’s SoCal Asst Championship – at 51

jerry-crowell-champYou know that comment I made about the modern swing killing careers, like how Tiger Woods’ was over by 40, and how Jason Day is on that same path but likely with greater speed?

You know what kind of golf they could still be playing in their 50’s, if they swung with a mechanically-correct model, the way Nicklaus and Snead did, and the way Vijay Singh has done?

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Golf Channel’s Martin Hall Nearly Nails The MCS Stance

Martin HallBig T sent me this clip showing Martin Hall of The Golf Channel almost nailing the MCS “Leaning A” address stance.

Not only that, he used a similar concept to do it that you’ve watched in the “Secrets of MCS” video short “5 Minutes of MCS” and the full-length “MCS – Perfect Pivot video.

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DKondo Enters The Arizona Senior Open!

DKondoI told you all about how researching the golf swing has helped to keep me sane, having missed the athletic pursuits that took up the bulk of my adolescence.

It seems that 64 year-old DKondo is also feeling his oats, returning to a mechanically-sound golf swing, and he has thrown his hat back into the competitive ring – he’s entered himself into this month’s Arizona Senior Open at Wickenburg Ranch!

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Forbes – “Anatomy” Most Important Golf Book Of Our Generation?

forbesYou can check out Forbes Magazine online and read an article by contributor Larry Omsted, who asks that pertinent question:

Is Brandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” the most important golf book in our generation?

The answer, simply, is “Yes.”

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It’s About Change – And Brandel Chamblee Is The Agent

chamblee book3If you have been wondering why I’ve been pushing so hard on Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness,” then you obviously haven’t read it yet – because once you do, you’ll understand why.

This has never been about my trying to carve out a niche in the game of golf, or to earn a living teaching the golf swing – it has been my focus on changing the golf swing back to the proper fundamentals of the Classic Golf Swing era.

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Post-Release Analysis – Brandel Chamblee’s “Anatomy”

chamblee book coverOK, now that people have had their first glance at Brandel Chamblee’s excellent work “The Anatomy of Greatness,” we can continue to examine it.

I didn’t do so before, because no one would have known what I was talking about, since I got to read it weeks in advance of the release (thanks, Brian Lewis from Classics of Golf!).

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MCS “Perfect Pivot” Video – April Release!

dj wThe pre-order option for the MCS “Perfect Pivot” video will be available until March 31, and I will be returning to Arizona at week’s end to finish off the shooting for an April release, hopefully the week after the Masters finish.

The slight delay (I was shooting for a Masters week release) came when I returned home from Arizona a few weeks back and reviewed what I had done, and of course I was dissatisfied, having been pre-occupied with the hosting of the Wax Golf Southwest Summit at the Golf Club of Estrella.

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BT Gets His Bobble-Head

jerry crowell bobble headI don’t know quite what to say about this, but I have to say, it makes the perfect picture for the new profile page I’m putting up here on Wax Golf.

Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell is an integral part of Wax Golf and the history of the MCS Golf Swing theory as it is now.

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A Tale Of Two Pivots (DJ & BT On The “Hogan Pivot”)

hogan-dj-top3So, we have the swing researcher (DJ), who builds models, and the playing pro (BT), who is enjoying a resurgence in his game and speed/power that he never possessed before, using the MCS “floating pivot” swing model.

We’ve been working together on his pivot and he has implemented the setup and mechanical action that turns the standard MCS back swing pivot to more closely emulate Ben Hogan’s awesome action.

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