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Tiger Woods’ Story In This Golf Magazine Piece

I found the below article posted on, and it’s ironic that my comment exchange with HarleyWeedWhacks only yesterday touched on this precise issue.

The piece deals with golfers tending to reverse-pivot on the back swing as they get older, due to loss of flexibility, especially in the lower body, and how not to fall victim to it.

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Here’s Something Silly…

Let me run something past everyone, because I can’t wrap my brain around the logic of what Modern Golf Swing proponents are always saying.

I’m talking about the restricting of the hip turn in the back swing by keep that leading heel firmly planted on the back swing, all to promote more stability and therefore consistency in the golf swing.

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Dustin Johnson, The Exception Proving The Rule?

dustin-johnson-topI have to say that, having always enjoyed watching Dustin Johnson play (I first wrote about his swing back in 2010, I believe), I am really enjoying his taking over the #1 World Ranking in golf.

Q: Why would I?  

After all, isn’t he a “modern golf swing” player with a planted heel, which violates the very tenets of a mechanically-sound swing?

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“This Isn’t Even Wrong” Edition – Restricted vs Full Hip Turn (Golf WRX)

wrx2OK, everyone is talking about the posting purporting to “test” Brandel Chamblee’s assertions (and it’s news to me that Chamblee is the originator of something I’ve been saying myself for years now, and that Jack Nicklaus rejected in 1974, but whatever), that a restricted-hip swing is harmful to the lower back.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this confusing piece of non-analysis from Tom Stickney II over at Golf WRX, because I’m getting emails about it – you fellas are quick – so here goes, guys!

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**Sigh** – More “Use The Ground” Modern Swing Crap

smylie-kaufman-swing-fundamentals-05Apologies for the title, but the word “crap” is a good deal milder than the word I really wanted to employ.

It’s a compromise, in the spirit of the Holiday Season.

Let’s move on.

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New Tiger Woods Swing – More Hip Turn, Still Planted & Powerless

tiger-instagramIf you hear that Tiger Woods hit a 360 yard drive yesterday, just remember it was downhill, downwind, and that Mike Weir once had a 400 yard drive recorded on the Plantation Course in Hawaii… just saying…

Because I just got a look at the new Tiger Woods swing with a driver, and it’s – I am trying to find something positive here – not as bad as before, albeit with a lot less power than he used to have.

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Proof – Classic Golf Swing Beats Modern Golf Swing

high heelIf you need any proof that the Modern Golf Swing is an unworkable theory that is also destroying players’ bodies and careers, look no further than the stats you get comparing numbers (actual and theoretical) between the longest swingers from the Classic Golf Swing era.

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Aaaaaaand – Jason Day Goes Down Again

jason dayI hate to see it because you all know Jason Day is my favorite Tour player – when he’s able to play.

He has just withdrawn again, this time from the season-ending Tour Championship after 8 holes in the second round, and who knows when we’ll see him again…

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What In The World, Vijay Singh? (Updated)

az(**Update at Bottom)

I haven’t posted since Sunday, as I’m deep in the task of finishing the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video, and really want to get it done and have it available this week.

As always, the task of winnowing out material to leave the best possible 1 hour of video is what takes time.  So much material produced over the years, and so much to go through to make this hoped-for final video project on the MCS full swing as good as I want it to be.

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All You Have To Do Is WATCH (Paige Spirinac)

chair swing drillI hate to ruin a good thing here, GolfDigest online, but LPGA hopeful Paige Spirinac’s swing is nothing like what you have her saying in her piece on how to get a better pivot.

We can revisit the posting in which I decried the torso-twisting excercise she describes, while sitting in a chair in her GolfDigest article “Home Hacks.”

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