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Nice To See A Classic Golf Swing Online (Michael Block’s Son)

I came across this GolfDigestOnline article about Michael Block’s son who at eighteen years of age is swinging with a Classic Golf Swing and generating some serious speed with it.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call it a “playing swing” in which he generates 132.7 mph club impact speed with a 3-wood, but even when he dials it down to a controllable action, he’s likely in the mid-to-high 120s mph with a driver, which is still fabulous considering Cameron Champ leads the PGA Tour at around 128 mph average club impact speed.

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I Thought I Recognized Michael Block’s Name (Farmers Insurance Qualifier 2016)

I mentioned in a comment this morning on the blog that I had tuned briefly into the PGA Championship’s coverage yesterday, but switched off after 15 minutes because of club pro Michael Block’s ace being replayed over and over… and over… and over…

I mean, it was great for him, but I wanted to see some actual golf, imagine that.

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Rotary Pivot vs Shift & Post? – Holy Cow…

My mind has shifted into a different mode now that I’ve solved my setup issues with regards to stance and foot line, and something dropped out of the sky this morning while I went over the down swing transition.

What I was working on last evening was the syncing together of the leading and trailing arms, because even in a right-dominant or left-dominant swing action, you’re still using both arms, just with a different feel of which one is dominant.

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I Have Never Felt Comfortable Over The Ball (And Made A Good Swing)

You’ll remember my saying more than once that I have never made a decent swing on a ball before, and while some might say I’m exaggerating, this is true.

I’ve never felt comfortable over the ball and made a good swing, is the finer point of it.  I’ve either felt comfortable over the ball and hit a horrific shot or felt constricted and lost over the ball and hit a decent shot (decent describing the result and not the feel nor the swing action).

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Model Roughed Out – Now The Polishing

Having built the rough outline of my Dunaway-esque swing model, I am now transitioning to investigating it thoroughly to make it optimal.

For myself, this means reverse-engineering the setup (I have the basic setup but my misses yesterday told me that I wasn’t nailing the optimal one on every swing), because everything starts from there.

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I’ve Got My New Swing Model (And It Looks Like Dunaway’s)

I got the adjustments down correctly, tightened the arms so that they weren’t extended at address, and I have my new swing model!

Also, yes – it looks like a Mike Dunaway swing model.

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