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What’s The Point Of A Shot Tracer If It Can Be Faked?

One of the reasons I got the SC300i launch monitor was because of its near-spot-on data points with regards to ball & club speed (more than near-spot-on as it uses Doppler radar) and carry/total yardage info (very accurate compared to GC/Trackman).

That can’t be faked, so I knew that it would be the perfect tool for doing swing research on the range without having to resort to mortgaging my soul to do so.

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Getting All Science-y Now (Mini Golf Lab)

After years of blogging on the golf swing & having my WAX Nation readers take me at my word on ball-striking & distances, I’ve decided that this season will be very different – it’s time to put some science behind MCS, everyone!

By that, I mean not relying on the odd trip to a golf lab to get swing numbers, or go by more precise distances than “this one went to the foot of the mounds at the end of the range.”

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I’ll Know Very Quickly What’s Going On With My Swing

One of the items of personal interest for me will be exactly how I’m swinging the first day out again after nearly a year off.

I haven’t hit a golf ball since last July, so I’ll be keen to know my numbers as soon as I’m back out again.

Another point of interest will be the progression of swing metrics (ball & club speed, carry and total distances) from the first day on.

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