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Hmm – Baseball Player “Gets His Power From His Legs & Hips…”

It’s not like this is an earth-shattering revelation to me, but it’s nice to see it laid out plainly and simply from a Major League Baseball swing coach, and one for a team that has made the playoffs with big hitting the past two seasons.

I’m talking about Toronto Blue Jays hitting coach Brook Jacoby, talking about a struggling Blue Jay batter – Justin Smoak – trying to get his bat to catch fire.

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GC’s Morning Drive Messes Up The “Baseball” Analogy

baseball-analogyIf you record the “Morning Drive” show on the Golf Channel, or you’re watching it now on TV – beware the segment on the “golf is like a baseball swing” analogy, because they completely screwed it up.

The baseball swing is NOT like the golf swing in one major aspect that was never touched upon, if you’re going to try what the lady instructor just did (apologies, I didn’t catch her name as I was writing my morning posting and just happened to catch it – I had TGC on to see what the players are doing at this week’s Honda Classic).

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