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Big T (Jerry Crowell) Wins PGA’s SoCal Asst Championship – at 51

jerry-crowell-champYou know that comment I made about the modern swing killing careers, like how Tiger Woods’ was over by 40, and how Jason Day is on that same path but likely with greater speed?

You know what kind of golf they could still be playing in their 50’s, if they swung with a mechanically-correct model, the way Nicklaus and Snead did, and the way Vijay Singh has done?

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Driving For Distance – Remember Impact

impsI have blogged on this topic before, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having optimal impact conditions when trying to drive the ball longer.

Improving impact will get you more distance, and faster, than trying to increase club impact speed.

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Q: “What Is ‘Leverage?'” A: It Means Using The Lower Body…

hogan-pivot2The question I was asked via an emailed query is very straightforward :

You constantly refer to “leverage” as the source of MCS power. No doubt you’re right. But I wish I had a clearer idea of what is being levered, what mechanical advantage is obtained thereby and how this increases clubhead speed.

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When You Get The “Perfect Pivot” Going…

mcsppI would ask everyone who is viewing their downloaded “MCS – Perfect Pivot video to take a look at one of the sweetest moves you’ll see when it comes to a golf swing pivot.

After myself, Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA would be the person who is the most acquainted with the principles of the “floating pivot” move that Ben Hogan perfected and which I built into the MCS swing model a couple of years ago at Jerry’s request.

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DKondo Enters The Arizona Senior Open!

DKondoI told you all about how researching the golf swing has helped to keep me sane, having missed the athletic pursuits that took up the bulk of my adolescence.

It seems that 64 year-old DKondo is also feeling his oats, returning to a mechanically-sound golf swing, and he has thrown his hat back into the competitive ring – he’s entered himself into this month’s Arizona Senior Open at Wickenburg Ranch!

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How Easy Is The “Perfect Pivot?”

azWell, that is the whole purpose of this upcoming video – I isolated the proper address position and mechanical action for a mechanically-correct golf swing over a year ago now.

I presented my findings in the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video in February of last year, and expanded on that in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video last September.

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There’s No “Perfect Swing” – The “Pivot” However…

bt & djI have four different pivots to show you, and they are all from the MCS golf swing model.

You’re going to see the pivots of yours truly, the swing model developer, and two very good low-handicap players, DKondo & MWehrman, and of the resident pro, Jerry Crowell, PGA.

We would use the swings for slightly varying purposes – Jerry of course is a tournament player and wants to maximize his scoring potential, and can’t afford any big misses or weird shots that come out of nowhere.

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BT Gets His Bobble-Head

jerry crowell bobble headI don’t know quite what to say about this, but I have to say, it makes the perfect picture for the new profile page I’m putting up here on Wax Golf.

Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell is an integral part of Wax Golf and the history of the MCS Golf Swing theory as it is now.

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A Tale Of Two Pivots (DJ & BT On The “Hogan Pivot”)

hogan-dj-top3So, we have the swing researcher (DJ), who builds models, and the playing pro (BT), who is enjoying a resurgence in his game and speed/power that he never possessed before, using the MCS “floating pivot” swing model.

We’ve been working together on his pivot and he has implemented the setup and mechanical action that turns the standard MCS back swing pivot to more closely emulate Ben Hogan’s awesome action.

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So…Where’s The Leg Snap In MCS?

dj imp new mcsNote: Phil Mickelson is leading the AT&T at Pebble Beach going into the final round today.

He’s a natural, MCS type swinger with a “floating heel” swing model – watch his leading leg today and see what you won’t see…

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