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What A Difference A Grip Change Makes

I got home and looked at some of the video I shot today, and I can’t believe how weak my grip felt today versus how it looks – it’s weaker than last week but still on the strong side, I’d say.

While it may not look much weaker, it definitely made a difference in my setup and swing action and I believe I’m not there yet but nearly.

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My SC300i Is “Meh,” But I Can Still Gather Data… (Updated)

I got back out to the lab today and the biggest takeaway I have from the session, which I’ll remember to reiterate when discussing my data collection, is that the SC300i portable launch monitor is not really working to my satisfaction.

Other than the ball speed, which I would assume is accurate because it uses Doppler radar, I don’t believe any of the other data is reliable, however I know how far the yardage is off (and it seems pretty consistent).

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1st Day Back After 10 Months Off – Good Numbers!

I finally go out for my first range session of the season and my body is certainly telling me that it’s been 10 months since I last hit balls!

I had only gone to hit a large bucket and I unfortunately learned a lesson – you can play around with your launch monitor and you can work on your swing with camera, but you can’t do both if you have limited time.

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Light Club Swing Should = Heavy Club Swing

I’ve said that the scourge of Modern Golf Swing instruction and practice is that people who have no business injuring themselves swinging feather-weight clubs in the modern age are doing so.

I mean, how do you hurt yourself swinging today’s driver?

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The Math Says I Hit 130 MPH Club Speed @ 45.5 Yrs

Before I get to my point, I know all about the SSR and the issues with accurate club speed.

I wasn’t measuring the club speed because I only had the Swing Speed Radar device which, again, I knew to be unreliable for measuring golf club impact speed.

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I Last Swung A Club 8 Months Ago

It was on July 28 of last summer, before other things took precedence and I had a break from the golf swing until after the season’s close in autumn.

I will use the last swing clip I shot that day to compare with the first day back hitting balls this season, at which point I may be closer to having been off for 9 months.

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BT Hits His Personal Best 120-170 MPH

bt recordOK, so when Jerry “BT” Crowell and I began to talk about working together, he stated a personal desire to achieve 115 mph club cruising impact speed and a top speed of at least 120 mph.

At the time, he was around 110 cruising speed and top of less than 115.

“No problem,” I said.

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