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A Nifty Short Game Trick – The Bladed Wedge

short-game-bladingNote: I posted this last week on Friday, but pulled it due to the unraveling Leadbetter/Ko situation.

This particular shot didn’t make it into the “MCS – Short Game” video, because of course, you can’t put every single short game shot into a video or it will be five hours long.

I covered the basic fundamentals, which is what you need if you’re looking for help on the short game, but here is a fun little shot I enjoyed working on when I was in California last spring on a consultation.

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The Beauty of MCS Short Game – It’s MCS All Over Again!

positionsI’m still at work on the upcoming “MCS Short Shots” video project, and here’s something to interest the MCS Golf Swing adherents – it’s the same thing, from the chip to full swing!

Of course there are variations in the MCS principles, just as there are with the full swing, depending on the type of shot or shape you want, and so there would be some adjustments from the full swing address position for the short game.

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