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Best Long Drive Swings EVER (8 Second Hang Time)

I always like to get a rough indicator of hang time when I launch them especially high and long (and only ever when on line, because who cares low long it flies if it’s going OB?).

So I knew something was going on today when I got home with video.

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MCS Long Drive – “Using The Ground” (Video)

You all know that one of my pet peeves on golf swing analysis is the ridiculous “using the ground” excuse the analysts use when they simply have no clue what’s going on and still want to sound knowledgeable about what you’re seeing on your screen.

Simply, launching one or both feet into the air while swinging a golf club does nothing to add speed or power, rather it is an anti-injury move because the swinger is either not using a proper weight shift to the leading foot and/or doesn’t want to damage the leading leg or hip.

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The Trilogy Series Has Concluded – Now It’s Long Drive Time

jn-djI have been going back and forth about what I was doing to do now that my swing research has concluded.

I have thought it was over a couple of times before, but there was always a nagging thought that I might have missed something – well, I can state with confidence that, having cracked the “Dunaway Down Swing,” there is nothing left to look at.

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Blame “5 Lessons” For the Modern Golf Swing (Burn Hogan’s Book)

hogan armsThe only useful thing you’re going to get from Ben Hogan’s “5 Lessons” book on the golf swing will be if you need to grill a steak and have nothing with which to start the fire.

And that’s about the nicest thing I can say about the difference between the way Ben Hogan actually swung and the garbage that is in his “seminal” book on the swing.

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Jack Nicklaus Was A Hacker…

nicklaus-dj-spineStill working on “Dropping The Hammer,” but I had a thought while editing video:

If you go to any of the popular golf sites or forums on the intertoobz, you’ll likely get a lot of advice about stance and posture, and things like “slouching” or “goat-humping” and the like.

You’ll also be shocked to know that Jack Nicklaus, if you took his golf swing and somehow changed it from him to someone else, was apparently a hacker.

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Final Stretch For “MCS – Dropping The Hammer”

hammer-dropIt’s been a busier month than I could have imagined when we rang in the New Year, but I’ve managed to make enough headway on the upcoming video that the end is in sight!

The major problem (if one was going to have one, this is it) has been trying to winnow down four hours of swing work that I recorded with David D. over the last few weeks of the ’16 summer season, as well as some video short clips that he had recorded on his own smart-phone – there was so much material that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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Nicklaus +Hogan + Dunaway = The Perfect Swing Model

jn-addrAs far as the face-on look of what I would call the perfect golf swing model is actually a composite of the best of the best in the three major phases of the golf swing itself.

You have the starting or address position, then the back swing and finally the down swing/finish phase, and I had crudely put together those three phases in a gif. featuring the three “best of the best” when it comes to a face-on view.

I say “face on” because Nicklaus had a squared stance to the target line viewed down the line and you all know what the MCS Golf Swing Theory says about that.

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Thanks For Being There – 2017 Is Nearly Here!

stancesI don’t have much to say today, except to thank new readers and old for being here and for reading these words.

I have been preoccupied with the projects I’ve mentioned since the end of the summer (the upcoming Amazon eBook, MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot video, which is the last of any video I will produce for my Wax Golf followers, and any future Amazon video project), and I haven’t had much time to reflect on the coming year, which I believe will be special.

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Golf Digest Is Trying To Kill You (Or Wreck Your Back)

torso-twistWhile the byline of this particular crime against humanity is given to Ron Kaspriske, the person giving the tips, I would hold Golf Digest responsible as the magazine carrying this destructive advice to unsuspecting golfers.

What exactly is that?  Only a little more Modern Golf Swing insanity, is all…

Just go check out the piece called “Short On Time? Work Out At Your Desk” and make sure not to follow either Tip #1 nor Tip #3.

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When You Get Beyond Perfect Pivot…

dj topAnd by “beyond,” I am talking about not just knowing the positions and mechanical actions that comprise the MCS “Perfect Pivot” swing model…

I am talking about, once you have that, using your position and mechanics to make that full swing better and better each time you pick up a club.

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