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“I’m Going Back To The Tee…”

blake rancho california 5 teeI’ve been taking a little break from things after returning from California on Saturday evening.  After a week of intensive swing consultation, it’s nice to unpack and just relax a little.

One thing that came back to mind was how amazed I was that Blake Elliott could generate the distances he got with his driver.  I’ve always felt that my driver distances were a little short of what they should be, based on my irons and wedges – and Blake showed me I was correct.

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It’s Not All About Club Impact Speed (Angle of Attack)

launch angleI’ve always said that my club impact speed is actually lower than many if not most swingers who can drive the ball 350 yards or more on a good pop.

Now, I was able to do that years ago, and I can do it now, but now, I can do it with so much less effort, because I’ve improved my launch numbers with the MCS swing model.

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