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Wednesday Grab Bag – End Of Season!

red-maple-leavesWe’re reaching the end of the outdoor golf season here in this corner of the world, which is traditionally at the end of October, but when there is good weather, places will stay open on a day-to-day basis dependent on daily forecasts.

Today may be that “last day” of the season, and I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity to shoot a little more swing videos with David D. and get in a last swing session before things come to a close.

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Entering A New Phase – A Lot Less Swinging…

DJ & Blake post Torrey PinesI mentioned that I probably only hit 50 balls or so while I was in So-Cal last week. In fact, I haven’t played an 18 hole round of golf yet this year, and I likely only played a couple of rounds all of last year.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy hitting balls, and it’s not like I can’t do it – I just enjoy watching others swing now, especially when they’re swinging with the MCS model, and showing me what they can do with a mechanically-sound golf swing.

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Players Sunday Open Thread (Video Nearly Complete!)

JasonDayPlayersChampI’m still working on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video which is due for release tomorrow, and I believe I am on pace to finally match this deadline.

The Players Championship Mini-Putt contest continues at the TPC Windmill Course, and it looks like the only way to prevent Jason Day winning his 7th event in 9 months (something not even Tiger Woods nor Jack Nicklaus did, apparently) will be the course conditions.

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Video & Dental Update

rootcanalI had an unfortunate and recent occurrence in which I was stricken with a dental infection while working to finish the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot video, and just getting past the infection put me out for an entire week.

Now, it turns out that the root canal operation I had 8 years ago has turned up a complication (nothing wrong on the dentist’s part, I can assure you, he’s top-notch), and I now have surgery scheduled for tomorrow and more procedures that will further interfere with my work.

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I’d Rather Have A Root Canal Than Use The Modern Golf Swing

rootcanalI don’t know about you all, but a root canal is not the most pleasant experience to be had.

I think I’ll be having another go, as a tooth I had treated in 2008 developed some tenderness a couple of days ago, which expanded quickly into the familiar “hear we go” ache of infection yesterday, and which is now an eye-watering, can’t-chew-my-food event.

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Home At Last…

boeingHow’s this for a quickie post?

I got to my car in the parking garage upon arrival in Toronto, and was greeted by sub-freezing temps and a flat tire.

Needless to say, it was a quick change. I got out some elbow grease, applied some old-fashioned leverage and had the spare on within ten minutes, and I was outta there.

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