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Just Another Day At The Range (330 Yard Drive)

I was at the range for a couple of hours today doing some work on my swing changes and hitting some balls, but I won’t have the time to get into it all until tomorrow.

Here is a swing I hit which I recorded down the line, and this happens all the time when I’m hitting driver –  this time it was one of the range attendants who happened by to collect empty buckets as I hit a drive.

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Apologies- I’ll Be Back

I’ve been laid up with this bug for a few days (it was a good 25 month run but with 3 kids in school, it was only a matter of when).

I likely won’t be posting, definitely won’t be hitting the range in the next few days.

Back in ’95 I caught Dengue Fever while living in St. Kitts-Nevis and this feels vaguely similar to the end stages of that ordeal.

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Range Is Open & Preparations Continue

My local practice facility has opened for the season, but I likely won’t be hitting any balls for at least a couple of weeks, looking at the forecast.

Two weeks from now temps will still be just above freezing on the daily high, so it’ll likely be the 2nd or 3rd week before the weather is suitable for getting back to work.

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Comments Re-Activated & New Contact/Info Page

I’ve received feedback on the latest round of posts as well as the lack of comments availability, so while we wait for spring and a new season at WAX Golf, here is some news.

Although I said I would refrain from commenting on other swings as I used to in my analysis work, I see that the analysis posts have been well received and so I’ll post more of the same in the next few weeks as I see fit.

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Past Posts Removed & The MCS Videos Are No More – Time To Update

video emcsI want to thank everyone who supported the blog & the MCS cause with your visits, comments & download purchases for the MCS Classic Golf Swing video series.

I will be spending the winter ahead of posting new material on the upcoming MCS Golf Swing Model (The “MCS Post-Modern Golf Swing” model) by reviewing the old material.

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