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On Hiatus Til After The New Year – Thanks Everyone!

I’ll make it short and sweet – I’ve had no time in recent weeks with work & family commitments (this season is always busy around the home but this year, doubly so) to maintain the blog, so I am putting it on hiatus until I can do so in proper fashion.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the blog and if you wish to be alerted when I begin to post again, I would just ask you to follow the blog and you will receive an email alert when I begin posting once more.

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I Am So Pumped For Spring!

After a winter off and having had to even take swinging indoors off for a few weeks (rib injury unrelated to golf), I am stoked to get the new season underway.

Right now, having no nearby place to hit balls indoors (as the Metro Golf Dome was destroyed by a record snowfall and is out of commission for the foreseeable future), I am patiently awaiting the outdoor season to arrive.

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The First Delay Of The Season… (Updated – Probably Ashma)

Update: For those who have passed on well-wishes, I have been put on a couple of inhalers and the likely culprit is asthma, which wouldn’t be a huge shock considering I’ve had chronic bronchitis most of my lift.  Such are things, moving on!

I was planning on getting into the Dome this week or the next, to get a little taste of what the 2019 DJ Swing was going to look and feel like, and I hope to still get out next week.

The delay is a health-induced one – I mentioned being under the weather during the Christmas season, but things have been a little more serious.

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Work In Progress… Site Reno Beginning

Just a note that the blog is not going anywhere, and that if you find all of the posts before a certain time have disappeared, no cause for alarm!

I will be removing most of my historical posts, as I do from time to time, either because they are out-dated or because they are clogging up the feed.  The most relevant and popular posts will be re-posted once I’ve a chance to review or update them.

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Getting Some Speed Back (170s MPH Ball Speed)

I have been working on my MCS Golf Swing model since the season began again, and the first half-dozen sessions I’ve had were just to try to tune my swing to the optimal model’s stance and mechanics.

I did get into the 180’s in ball speed mph last summer once I was into the swing of things, but of course that’s after a few weeks of work, so I knew I wouldn’t be that high yet just getting into the season.

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Happy New Year 2018!

Well, we are firmly in winter’s icy grip here in the hinterlands (this morning dropped to -25C or -13F, but it’s already back up to a balmy -18 at the moment), and I have visions of green grass and warm blue skies to keep me warm as the New Year approaches.

Happy New Year to those for whom it has already arrived in the Far East and South Pacific!

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