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Progress – Fixed The Setup (More Work Needed On Swing Action)

I knew I’d figured out my problem correctly when I set up today and smacked the first drive down the stripe – so the setup issue is solved, and I got down to working on the actual swing.

Having more or less the proper back pivot working about halfway through the session, I was getting the idea of the proper down swing by the time I was out of time (I was so enthused, I would have stayed but the next hour was already booked).

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This Is Huge For Fall/Winter – 24 Hr Automated Indoor Range!

This is an absolutely massive development for me – I have only ever done my work outdoors, with the exception of having visited an indoor golf dome in Toronto, which was not the best place in the world to shoot video, and which was ridiculously expensive by the hour.

There is also of course the TXG analysis facility in the same city, which is very busy and usually booked for weeks ahead, to which I’ve been a couple of times, but I’ve always wished there was a place close to me that didn’t require the cost of a house down payment per hour.

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