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New Tiger Woods Swing – More Hip Turn, Still Planted & Powerless

tiger-instagramIf you hear that Tiger Woods hit a 360 yard drive yesterday, just remember it was downhill, downwind, and that Mike Weir once had a 400 yard drive recorded on the Plantation Course in Hawaii… just saying…

Because I just got a look at the new Tiger Woods swing with a driver, and it’s – I am trying to find something positive here – not as bad as before, albeit with a lot less power than he used to have.

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Rory McIlroy Showing How It’s Done – Crazy Driver Stats!

rory mcilroyIt looks like Rory McIlroy is finally getting some proper equipment (I mean, who really plays Nike clubs without being paid to do it?), and the results are spectacular.

I would say that, pound for pound (or kilo for kilo), Rory Mac is the longest driver by far on the PGA Tour, or at least he will be, if these numbers below carry out… and if you want to know how he’s doing it – athletic talent counts for a lot, but if you haven’t notice this, you haven’t been paying attention!

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DJ The Lefty Swings RH Using MCS “Perfect Pivot”

dj impAs you all know, I am left-handed and grew up playing sports right-handed, which was never an issue, and neither was my left-twisting scoliosis at any time – until I tried to swing a golf club.

There were two problems, really – I took up golf during the Modern Golf Swing era, and that is just unworkable when it comes to athletic motion.

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First Session Of ’16 – Feelin’ Good!

djtopI took a break from my video editing to visit the range today, in my first swing session of the year.

It was the first real spring-like day, and it felt good to put some swings on the ball, working on my form outdoors for the first time since last October.

Feels like a life-time ago!

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It’s Not All About Club Impact Speed (Angle of Attack)

launch angleI’ve always said that my club impact speed is actually lower than many if not most swingers who can drive the ball 350 yards or more on a good pop.

Now, I was able to do that years ago, and I can do it now, but now, I can do it with so much less effort, because I’ve improved my launch numbers with the MCS swing model.

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Jerry Crowell’s MCS Swing – Driver Video

jerry crowell imp dtlI don’t often get a chance to refresh Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s video archives here at Wax Golf, considering we live on opposite sides of the continent and he’s not a camera guy.

So, whenever I’m in So-Cal, I make sure to get lots of video both before, during and after the work on his swing.

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BT’s Swing – Face On

btaddrHere is a clip from yesterday while Jerry “BT” Crowell and I were discussing the swing.

He continues to prepare for 2016 tournaments and his swing is tighter than I’ve ever seen it.

There will be one thing we’ll be working on before I get to see him again in person, but this swing is about as good as it gets.

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Why BT Is Inland Empire’s Teacher Of The Year (Lil’ MCS!)

lil mcsIf this video clip doesn’t illustrate why Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell was SCPGA Inland Empire Chapter’s “Teacher of the Year” for 2015, then I don’t know what will.

Here is a first look of the future of MCS swing theory – a classic, back-to-basics golf swing that looks like the days of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson golf swings, and this one’s a beaut.

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Henrik Stenson – Learn How To Hit Your Driver

steele impactIf you’re wondering why anyone is even close to Henrik Stenson this weekend, it’s because he can’t hit his driver and that really worked against him yesterday.

The course in Atlanta for this week’s Tour Championship at East Lake is drenched, and they played lift-clean-place yesterday.

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