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Day 4 – Just About There On Setup

I forgot my SC300i at home today when I left for the range, but I didn’t need it to measure my longest drives as I was able to laser measure a reliable target at which I was hitting drives – the mound behind the white flag at about 330 yards.

I was actually happy to have left the launch monitor at home because it was nothing but focus on the task at hand, which was to see how I swung and how it looked on video.

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Friday’s Session – Two OK Swings Here

I just finished a post about how I’ve been looking at and thinking of the golf swing the wrong way in attempting to finish my journey of replicating the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, so I won’t bother posting much of Friday’s range session.

Here are a few things however, that I could point out about how things looked at the time:

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New Video – Driver Face-On & DTL – WOW!

I’m not there yet, but I was very happy when I looked at the video both at the range (usually the case) and also upon closer analysis at home (not usually the case).

I didn’t waste any time with the launch monitor today as I was trying to just implement the changes I’ve made since the last range session.

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PGA Tour Distances – I’ll Be Revisiting This Later

Here’s an interesting look at some numbers from the PGA Tour – I’ll be revisiting this particular article later once I’ve got things settled down with the model work, which is ongoing.

Of note, I found the average driver carry and total distance intriguing because that’s what I do most of my swing work with.

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