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Why Tiger Woods Can’t Hit A Fairway

Simply, his swing is awful.

And I have reached a personal milestone in that I had nothing of interest to say about the run-up to this week where before, I would have written a couple of posts about TW.

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I’ve Tightened Up My Swing With The Momentus

As I’ve said, I love swinging the Momentus Power Driver because it helps me tighten up my swing beyond what I’ve been able to do with the SwingRite clicker.

The SwingRite, I use to groove the rough motion with speed, and then I switch to the Momentus and try to duplicate the action using leverage, which helps me tighten my position and mechanical action.

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Rory McIlroy Showing How It’s Done – Crazy Driver Stats!

rory mcilroyIt looks like Rory McIlroy is finally getting some proper equipment (I mean, who really plays Nike clubs without being paid to do it?), and the results are spectacular.

Rory Mac is one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour, and he’ll be moving up on that list, if these numbers below carry out… and if you want to know how he’s doing it – athletic talent counts for a lot, but if you haven’t noticed this, you haven’t been paying attention!

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Jack Nicklaus – Effortless Long Driver

Nicklaus-SwingCentersJack Nicklaus wasn’t as long a hitter as, say, Sam Snead, but he was a power player for sure, and he blew it past even players like Arnie Palmer as a young gun.

Whereas Palmer player bomb and gouge golf compared to the likes of Hogan and Byron Nelson, Nicklaus was a long driver who like to keep it in play, and he used his prodigious length off the tee to overpower courses.

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