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Bryson DeChambeau Is In Trouble – UPDATED

Update At Bottom

Let me preface this latest BDC offering by saying that anyone with a modicum of understanding of how the body works (which should include anyone who has played sports at a reasonable level, we’re talking high school varsity here) could have seen what was coming.

Even a layman in sports experience (those who participate mainly from a seated observational position) could see what was going to happen.

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This Is Big – Golf Digest Publishes The “X-Factor” Study

*Originally Posted February 6, 2019*

As I have time, I’ll be going through my archives to re-post articles that I still find relevant.  This is one of them, edited slightly.


Well, I had just said yesterday not to hold one’s breath on any major golf publications or channels discussing the results of the so-called “X-Factor” study we read about in the BBC

And look here, friends – Golf Digest through GolfWorld courtesy of Joe Beall has just published a piece online doing exactly that:

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