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Moe Norman Proves “Feel Isn’t Real” But… That “Master Move” Was!

I love Moe Norman.  There were two swingers I looked at primarily in the first years of my swing research, and they were Ben Hogan and Moe.

That’s because of more than one reason – the first, being my 2nd and last swing instructor was a Hogan/Moe fan, and had build his own swing model that he taught, based on Hogan and Moe.

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MCS, Mike Dunaway & Moe Norman??

dj imp dtlThe funny thing about both Mike Dunaway and Moe Norman is that they shared the same release action through the ball – with a flat heel and then a release of the right foot as the hips turned fully and the weight finished on the left foot.

And isn’t it funny that one is the so-called Father of Modern Long Drive (Dunaway) and the other was nicknamed “Pipeline” because he could hit the ball dead straight, time after time.

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2016 Is The Year For MCS

wax shirts2When I began my swing research ten years ago, I could hardly have anticipated what was going to happen.

First, the research began more with a desire to figure out Moe Norman’s swing model, as there was a belief at the time that his swing was “perfect.”

It wasn’t of course, but how would I have known that at the outset? Regardless, it was Moe Norman and Ben Hogan, and from there I looked at just about every known swinger on video as there was.

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MCS & The Real Moe Norman Swing (You Can Do It)

dj extended impactLet’s put aside the silly, spread-eagled Moe Norman swing model that everyone is used to seeing.

Instead, let’s take a look at Moe when he was creating the “Pipeline Moe” legend, which would have been when he was winning 2 Canadian Amateur titles in a row and playing at the Masters (back then, U.S. and Canadian Am champs were invited), and making his short-lived appearance on the PGA Tour.

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On The “Swing Angle” – Moe Norman & Mike Austin

moe-mike-dtltargettom asked a question in a previous posting and I kept editing my response, making it longer and longer… it was getting to be almost post-length.

So I’ll just make a new posting regarding the subject of his question.

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People Look At the Wrong Ben Hogan…

hogan top 40sJust as I pointed out that the Moe Norman swing that made Moe Norman famous as a quirky, straight-shooting Canadian in the 50’s and 60’s had a floating pivot swing with a lifting heel.

The Moe Norman you see when someone mentions his name – that swing was a later-years swing when Moe began to exaggerate things in his swing to get more and more attention.

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