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The Golf Swing = Baking A Cake

OK, based on a comment from DB Coop about “cooking” something up, I had a sudden thought about the golf swing along those lines – bear with me if you will, but it’s like baking a cake.

Now, I said yesterday that the golf ball doesn’t care how you swing, only about impact conditions.  And if you want to play golf that same way (it doesn’t matter how you swing, the only thing that matters is getting the ball in the hole), then you can, but you will certainly be lacking something, especially if you’re risking injury simply because your technique is unsound.

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This Is Way Cool – GEARS

Wax Nation member J.S. sent me a link to a Youtube video that uses something called GEARS technology to analyse motion in the motion on a swing, and this looks very cool.

Now, I’m not saying I agree with anything being said about the swing shown in the video, because I believe it’s an analysis of a modern golf swing, for which I have no use, but imagine if we could have hooked Jack Nicklaus up to one of these when he was swinging his best!

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Moe Norman Proves “Feel Isn’t Real” But… That “Master Move” Was!

I love Moe Norman.  There were two swingers I looked at primarily in the first years of my swing research, and they were Ben Hogan and Moe.

That’s because of more than one reason – the first, being my 2nd and last swing instructor was a Hogan/Moe fan, and had build his own swing model that he taught, based on Hogan and Moe.

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I’m Onto Something Big… Working On It…

feb27-mar3It’s not a new model, that ship has sailed.

The only model I will ever present is the current one, with the MCS standard right-biased address and the positions I’ve referenced within that stance.

It’s not really a mechanics change, as any pivot I perform with my golf swing is according to the mechanics I’ve laid out in the MCS Trilogy Series, so what am I working on?

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Even Right-Dominant Is A “Full Body” Pivot

hips-legsI don’t want people to think that, just because I’m transitioning from the “pulling” or left-dominant down swing to the right-dominant or “pushing/throwing” down swing that I’ve gone away from using the whole body.

That isn’t the case.  I was actually thinking about this myself and wondering how it was possible to focus on the right side and still have as much speed and power as my previous “hybrid” swing with a big “pull” component.

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Sergio Garcia 37 vs Tiger Woods 38

sergio-garciaThe numbers in the above title are relevant ages – Sergio Garcia won the Dubai Desert Classic this past weekend, beating world heavyweight Henrik Stenson for his first Euro Tour victory in three years.

It was a wire-to-wire performance as well, and I’m sorry to have missed it – I was busy wrapping up the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video and couldn’t spare the time.

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Nicklaus +Hogan + Dunaway = The Perfect Swing Model

jn-addrAs far as the face-on look of what I would call the perfect golf swing model is actually a composite of the best of the best in the three major phases of the golf swing itself.

You have the starting or address position, then the back swing and finally the down swing/finish phase, and I had crudely put together those three phases in a gif. featuring the three “best of the best” when it comes to a face-on view.

I say “face on” because Nicklaus had a squared stance to the target line viewed down the line and you all know what the MCS Golf Swing Theory says about that.

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Striking Gold With David D – “Dropping The Hammer” (Updated)

djs-wallUpdate: There will likely be two separate videos, one to continue the MCS Trilogy Series (making it a “Quadology” or the proper term, “Tetralogy Series”), and a one-video-for-all Amazon Video project – something for all!  /update

I had been talking about a new concept that could potentially replace the original “Swing Angle” concept to the MCS Swing Theory, and guess what?

I do believe this concept is gold, because I showed it to David D. yesterday while we shot some more end-of-season video working on his swing, and when I did – his reaction told me all I needed to know about it.

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MCS Lovers – I’m Working On “MCS – Beyond PP”

dj imp drvI’m not saying that there is anything better than the MCS “Perfect Pivot” model…

but for those MCS lovers who can’t get enough of working on mechanics to improve one’s swing – I’m working on something for you.

I’ll call it simply “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot because that’s exactly what it is.

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Why My Pivot Is Nearly Perfect

backswingI will never have a truly perfect pivot, of course, because I am not a machine, for one, and I have a spinal deformity, for a second reason.

However, as I’ve said in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” and “MCS – Perfect Pivot” videos, the closer you can get to the theoretical model of the MCS Golf Swing model, the better you’ll swing.

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