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If You Don’t See The Head Shift (Dunaway & Austin)

There are two gifs I would like you to look at, until I get video myself of the optimal MCS swing model, where you’ll see virtually the same action as the two Mikes, Dunaway and Austin.

The reason for that is, they had near-optimal models in the featured swings, and if not for the head shift to the right that you would see viewing these swings face-on, this is exactly the way you want to swing and leverage the club.

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The Optimal Model IS The Leverage Machine

I made reference to the golf swing model being a human “leverage machine” back when I was developing the “floating pivot” MCS swing model with the right-bias and the stable head.

At the time, I called it “ultimate leverage,” I haven’t seen anything in the past week that will disprove a two years-old statement.

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