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Padraig – How To “Keep Up With Those Young Guys”

This is more to encourage others who saw what he was doing, but If I were to have a conversation with Padraig Harrington, who is a vigorous 2 years younger than yours truly, I would tell him that not only can he “keep up with those young guys,” as he stated in a post-round interview during the Irish Open last weekend (right at the end of the clip), but he can motor right past them.

First of all, he’s an accomplished major winner (3 times), which means it’s not like just hitting the ball a long way is going to suddenly turn a journeyman into a major champion, though it may.

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Padraig Harrington’s Mike Dunaway Move

Thanks to W.C. for sending me the link to this – has anyone seen PGA Tour &¬†European Tour player and 3-time major winner¬†Padraig Harrington’s interesting new swing move?

There are actually two things he’s doing here, one of which isn’t really necessary – on the back swing, he’s lifting his entire leading foot off the ground, when all he really has to do is lift the heel, but that’s how discombobulated the modern swingers are at this point.

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