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I Took The Traditional Classic Weighting/Balance…

… and went all the way to the other end of it, which didn’t work of course, but I worked my way back and found the middle ground that works, I believe.

I really don’t want to go into details about what I’m doing because, until I actually say there is a new model different from the standard Classic Golf Swing (and the MCS version which was presented in “E = MCS” and subsequent videos), I wouldn’t want people leaving that model.

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Game-Changer Stance? (And It’s Always Post-Session)

I distracted myself talking about Dunaway’s swing model and spent most of today’s session trying to replicate it with the head shift and all, at which I was (no surprise to yours truly) unsuccessful.

The thing is however, it set me thinking about the stance and weight distribution that I prefer to have, and when I got home, it struck me that there is a reason for my preference for this setup.

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Jack Nicklaus’ Head Cock & Dunaway’s Head Shift

While working out the model I’ve been building of late, I fell across something that may have solved my issue of “head shift on the back swing or into the down swing, head shift at all or none” that has been on my mind.

First, does anyone remember how Jack Nicklaus used to get over the ball and, just before he began his backswing, he’d tilt his head to a certain spot and then swing?

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It’s Official – My “Own Model” Is A Version Of Dunaway’s

Today was the first session where I didn’t start from scratch following intensive swing work following the previous session – I just took up where I left off last Thursday.

I thought I was there today, actually with so many balls smashed down the pipe, but the misses told me that there’s further work to be done to tighten up the model to where it should be.

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Today Was Amazing – My Model Is Getting There

It was a story of night and day – when I began my session with some adjustments to the stance and pivot action for the swing model I’m building from the ground up with only athletic intuition as a guide, things were very bleak.

I was about 45 minutes in and so frustrated that I wanted to snap my driver over my knee, because it just wasn’t there.

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2nd Divergence (Ball Position) Pt II

I’ll use this post to clarify yesterday’s topic – in that people may have varying positions on the optimal placement of their own ball in the stance, and I’m working on how to identify one’s own.

The reason I’m searching for this answer is because I don’t agree with the conventional method of addressing the ball.

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My 2nd Divergence From Classic Orthodoxy On The Setup

It will be glaringly obvious what this particular heresy of mine is if my next foray to Tracer Golf proves me correct and I make a permanent setup change in this regard.

You see, there is something about conventional golf insisting upon a certain aspect of the setup that has just never sat well with me, but only in the years of my pursuit of Moe Norman (circa 2005-08) did I myself depart from conventional thought.

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Big Things Cooking – Setup On Conventional Classic & Right Dominant Models

Things have been developing apace since I decided to model the golf swing without input from any other swinger or modeler/instructor.

First, the thing about the setup that I have adjusted applies to both models, but the models themselves have markedly different setups.

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Quick Update: Switching Hands – Easier Said Than Done

The ironic thing is, since I play sports right-handed, not just swinging a golf club, if I had been taught a golf swing with a right-dominant motion, I would have picked it up with no issues.

However, having swung left-dominant for so many years, I am finding myself having to really focus on taking the left side bias out of both the setup and the swing action (the impulse to drag the club through with the left arm rather than swing down and through with the right), but I made progress today.

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Modeling Work Going Well, Time For A Test

As I said last week, I’m working on my own golf swing model at the present, a model in which I am discarding any rules or principles presented by other swingers.

I’m just asking myself, “Based upon what you now know about mechanics, what would you say now is the best way in which to swing a golf club from a speed, accuracy and repeatability standpoint?”

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