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Video News! Also, The Heavy Driver & Rory McIlroy’s Injury

I have just finished speaking with the Welshman and I can tell Wax Nation that the upcoming “E = MCS” video is a near slam-dunk assured to be the.best.ever. due to his assistance.

He is currently in the midst of arranging for me to get use of a video drone, so that if we get it, we will be shooting angles I’ve never before shown – bird’s eye up the line shots, directly overhead shots, ball tracking shots – and perhaps even a Go-Pro camera that, clipped to the bill of my cap, will show what I’m looking at when I swing, and showing just how stable the head is during the swing.

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The Theory Is Proven – Position Is Everything

Of course, with the position comes the requisite mechanical action, but you can’t have the proper mechanical action without compensatory moves unless the starting position is proper.

Think of a basketball free-throw or baseball pitch, for two examples – you can have “perfect” free-throw technique or a “perfect” pitching delivery, mechanics-wise – but if you are not positioned properly, you won’t hit the target.

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I Solved The Scoliosis/Adjustment Problem

I don’t know how many of you are into math, but I will make a comparison with a problem that’s been bedeviling me for years upon years, no matter what I did to try to adjust for it.

That issue was the scoliosis, wherein in my spine is bent to the left and twisted in a staircase-type spiral, making me bend to the left with open shoulders when I stand naturally with my feet parallel to what would be the target line.

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More MCS Proof – Momentus Heavy Driver

I took the Momentus Heavy Driver to the range yesterday to begin proving that the Modern Golf Swing bunk about “using the ground” for power is exactly that, bunk, as well as to disprove that golf swings today have to be different because of the lighter equipment.

If that were true, I’d have to use a different swing for a regular driver, a long driver and yet a third swing action for the Momentus Heavy Driver, correct?

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A Wax Southwest (And Ohio) Reunion

I consider humbray to be a part of the Southwest Wax crew even though he’s a Mid-Westerner, as he spends time down there and since we meet through DKondo, who is an Ohio transplant to Goodyear, AZ and who set up the first Southwest Summits.

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If You Don’t See The Head Shift (Dunaway & Austin)

There are two gifs I would like you to look at, until I get video myself of the optimal MCS swing model, where you’ll see virtually the same action as the two Mikes, Dunaway and Austin.

The reason for that is, they had near-optimal models in the featured swings, and if not for the head shift to the right that you would see viewing these swings face-on, this is exactly the way you want to swing and leverage the club.

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John Daly Goes For 1st Champions Tour Win

We’ve been waiting for John Daly to do something noteworthy since he turned 50 and hit the Champions Tour last year, and it took awhile, but he’s poised for his possible 1st victory today going into the final round of the Insperity Invitational.

I don’t have anything personally invested in any golfer, but John Daly is a sure throw-back to the long, classic golf swing of yesteryear, so it’s always a pleasure to look at his action when he’s swinging well and not throwing clubs into lakes.

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Brandel Chamblee Asks A Question… The Answers Are Stunning (Updated)

**Update At Bottom

A tip of the hat to everyone who emailed me on this… I actually read it shortly after it was posted, in my morning golf sites browsing.

You’ll all remember how enthused I was about Brandel Chamblee’s book last year on the classic golf swing, “Anatomy of Greatness,” and he has returned with a piece he wrote for GolfWRX.

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Caveat – Not Even Dunaway Was Fully Planted

This is likely never end until the Modern Golf Swing has been pierced through the heart and buried with a garlic necklace, but I want to repeat to everyone that a “low or planted heel back swing” does not mean nailing the heel to the ground.

I would bet you that even the most flexible person who claims  to be able to pivot with a fully planted heel does not actually do this, but just thinks they are doing so.

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Best Long Drive Swings EVER (8 Second Hang Time)

I always like to get a rough indicator of hang time when I launch them especially high and long (and only ever when on line, because who cares low long it flies if it’s going OB?).

So I knew something was going on today when I got home with video.

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