Monthly Archives: August 2022

The Model Research For Classic – Finished. A Couple Of Adjustments For Me, Personally

As I said when I got back from my session on Tuesday, my swings weren’t perfect technically but I knew that everything I’d had to investigate concerning the theory of the MCS Classic Golf Swing model has been looked into.

From here, I have identified two adjustments for me to make (in the setup, the left arm is still too visible, which is a right arm and grip situation that I’ve looked into and shall change, and in the back swing pivot, a lower angle of leading arm at the top, again looked into and working on the change).

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How Stable Is The Optimal Golf Swing? And, My Personal Swing Journey Has Just Begun

If that sounds funny after 17 years of swing research, it probably should – but I’m just now completing my model of what my theoretical optimal golf swing should be, and going forward, I get to hone that motion for myself!

I said at the outset, “I’m going to find a proper golf swing if no one else can teach it to me, and if it has already been discovered, I’ll find it – or build my own.”

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The Leverage Is Real… And It’s Spectacular

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for since beginning my golf swing research back in the spring of 2005 (I remember the day, because it was U.S. Open Saturday and I had gone to the range for the first time in years before Tiger’s tee time that day).

I didn’t make the perfect swing today, but I finally got everything in place to swing with maximum leverage and, man, does it ever feel different from the way I’ve been doing it over the years.

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