The Modern Golf Swing In Tweets

First off, this is not a personal attack on anyone featured below, whether it be golfer, analyst or instructor. My beef is with the entire industry.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Tweets regarding young Will Zalatoris after his maiden PGA Tour win.

I also got a look at his swing today, because as you all know, I almost never watch Tour golf on the television anymore due to heartburn and mental health hazards.

However, here is a little story in Tweets just to show the state of Modern Golf Swing instruction and the pro game itself:

Yes, Top 100 instructor loves him some Will Zalatoris swing… and torque is exactly what I want when swinging at high speed…


Yes, what a swing.

A little later:

Musing: I wonder what would happen to Will’s back (or any other pro Modern Swing player’s) if he tried to swing a Momentus Heavy Driver as hard as he could with that same swing, if swinging a 13 oz driver wrecks him…