Monthly Archives: March 2022

I Last Swung A Club 8 Months Ago

It was on July 28 of last summer, before other things took precedence and I had a break from the golf swing until after the season’s close in autumn.

I will use the last swing clip I shot that day to compare with the first day back hitting balls this season, at which point I may be closer to having been off for 9 months.

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What’s The Point Of A Shot Tracer If It Can Be Faked?

One of the reasons I got the SC300i launch monitor was because of its near-spot-on data points with regards to ball & club speed (more than near-spot-on as it uses Doppler radar) and carry/total yardage info (very accurate compared to GC/Trackman).

That can’t be faked, so I knew that it would be the perfect tool for doing swing research on the range without having to resort to mortgaging my soul to do so.

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Something Strange About The Two Pivots

I’ve got back to doing speed work and something strange happened while I was getting into the standard Classic Golf Swing action with the raised leading heel back pivot.

When I would swing normally, such as when you’d be putting a nice, controlled driver swing on a tee shot, I’d get the mirror-image pivot/impact situation – raised leading heel on the back pivot, raised trailing heel at impact.

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Why You Absolutely Don’t Want To Swing Like Bryson

There are two issues here – consistency & injury risk.

Taking a look at his latest video proffer, I can’t imagine what it must be like trying to hit a ball at full speed and still having to worry about and perform that leading foot twist through impact.

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Range Is Open & Preparations Continue

My local practice facility has opened for the season, but I likely won’t be hitting any balls for at least a couple of weeks, looking at the forecast.

Two weeks from now temps will still be just above freezing on the daily high, so it’ll likely be the 2nd or 3rd week before the weather is suitable for getting back to work.

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Imagine If Tiger Woods Had Been Taught This (Sam Snead)

I’ve called Sam Snead’s golf swing the greatest self-taught swing ever on the PGA Tour, and it’s no surprise that he was the leading total events winner until Tiger Woods caught him.

Now, imagine that instead of the horrific Modern Golf Swing model(s) that wrecked his body, starting with his left knee, Tiger Woods had been taught this action:

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This Is Special – And Completely Bogus

Right at the outset, I’m going to give the gentleman doing the analysis and explanation of Bryson DeChambeau’s “pull up, pull down” approach to the swing a break – he’s a PhD but not in the field of Kinesiology or anything else sports related, so he’s a layman here.

That’s important – they really try to pull a fast one here on the viewer by introducing “Dr. XYZ, PhD for the segment, when he essentially wouldn’t be any more of an expert in the discussion than anyone else.

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Theory: Even A Rotary Swing Model Shouldn’t Cause Spinning

You’ve seen all of that spinning out when players are swinging hard, but there are two separate causes for this.

The first, I’ve discussed many times – swingers who refuse to fully shift their weight to the leading foot because they insist on anchoring their trailing foot to the spot.

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Former Athlete Getting “That Feeling” Only Now

Those of you who took part in sports in your youth might get what I’m going to say here, because today was the first day I had “that feeling” after watching a Kyle Berkshire swing analysis video on YouTube.

The video itself has nothing to do with “that feeling,” but it was what I did after watching the video that led me there.

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About Mental Imagery

Mental imagery is very powerful in my opinion when building, working on and performing an athletic motion.

My longest WAX Nation members will of course be familiar with the mental imagery aspect of the golf swing because of my Austin/Dunaway years (2009-2013), so this is nothing new.

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