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MCS, Mike Dunaway & Moe Norman??

dj imp dtlThe funny thing about both Mike Dunaway and Moe Norman is that they shared the same release action through the ball – with a flat heel and then a release of the right foot as the hips turned fully and the weight finished on the left foot.

And isn’t it funny that one is the so-called Father of Modern Long Drive (Dunaway) and the other was nicknamed “Pipeline” because he could hit the ball dead straight, time after time.

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A Good Day Working With BT

jerry addrI won’t be able to post freely and fully until I return to Canada, such are my limitations working with a phone and laptop – I’m most comfortable at a PC, so I’ll do my best…

Today was a great day, considering it rained all night and was forecast to do that all day long – right now it’s 3:20 pm and no rain has fallen.

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