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The Down Swing & Release – Hollow The Shaft (Video)

club-shaftThis is a little clip from the four hours of video that I shot last summer and fall with David D.

Of course, everything couldn’t make it into the final cut of the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, but here’s a little out-take that will be familiar to the old hands.

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An Excellent Comment From Major Tom On Power (Hammer Time)

peg_malletMajor Tom’s comment today got me thinking, “Where in the upcoming video did I say just about the exact same thing?”

He said:

…the key to long drives (or a powerful compression with any club) is, of course, delivering the club head through the impact zone with maximum acceleration.

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PGA Tour Gurus Don’t Understand Release! (Tony Finau)

finau release*An Archived Posting From December 06, 2015

I was looking for a good swing clip of Tony Finau today for whatever reason – I wasn’t going to profile his swing or anything, although he’s a prodigiously long hitter.

I was just looking to see what he pivot action looks like, and it’s not bad, but the one thing I learned about anything today while looking at Finau’s “Golf Digest” analysis was – and this is embarrassing to have to point out, I assure you – the swing gurus to the PGA Tour players don’t understand the release action of a proper golf swing…

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Extended Release Pt III (DTL)

7i post impJust a quick posting with the down the line swings from Saturday, in gif. form.

The thing about having the extended release is that you’re not turning – I’ve said before, there is “no turn in the swing,” only the pivot, whereas if you’re actually trying to time a  “turn” through impact, you’re just going to make things much more difficult than they have to be.

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Full Extension Release – Swings From Saturday

impact & releaseI have some video from Saturday, as I mentioned in the posting that day, on the concept of having more extended release action through the ball for more leverage, more power, more speed, more consistency – everything you want in a concept.

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Problem – Full Extension Release

throw releaseHere’s something that occurred to me yesterday.

Most people, in my experience, have had a good deal of trouble with the concept of the full-extension release.

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The Proper Release Action

finau releaseI will be working all weekend on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video and I remembered how many people are not actually aware of what a proper “release” is in a right-handed golf swing.

Most people are stuck in the visual of the “hold-off” release where the arms and hands continue to move as if to “push” the club through impact and to throw the club “at the target.”

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MCS & The Real Moe Norman Swing (You Can Do It)

dj extended impactLet’s put aside the silly, spread-eagled Moe Norman swing model that everyone is used to seeing.

Instead, let’s take a look at Moe when he was creating the “Pipeline Moe” legend, which would have been when he was winning 2 Canadian Amateur titles in a row and playing at the Masters (back then, U.S. and Canadian Am champs were invited), and making his short-lived appearance on the PGA Tour.

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Update on “Lil Rory” – Amazing

jacks releaseSo I featured on the blog yesterday, one of Jerry “BT” Crowell’s newer swing students (been about 3 weeks), and whom Jerry says is making daily progress on his changes.

I was going to post some new swings of Jerry’s with iron from yesterday, but hold the phone…

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The Iron Byron Drill – Right Side

iron byron screen capOK, I’ve been looking at how best to demonstrate the right arm and hand release action, and of course the best possible mechanical action is that of the Iron Byron.

It’s a very basic premise that involves the “Line of Scrimmage” concept from the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video and we can look at both left and right sides.

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