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Back In The Saddle (Swinging Again!)

djI got the swinging bug again down in East Texas a couple of weeks ago – there was a moment when Blake had mentioned just sitting and watching me swing myself, and taking notes.

So one morning, I said, “So you want me to hit some balls?”

He nodded, and that was that.

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It’s About The Swing Angle & Line of Scrimmage

dj top2If you are struggling with an over-the-top or “puller’s” action where, the shoulders turn prematurely to the target, leaving you with an outside-in club path at impact – you need to work on your swing angle and line of scrimmage concepts.

The Line of Scrimmage concept was introduced in the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video and will remain a concept going forward, because it really is the key to the swing for people who have head motion towards the target, who have a steep down swing plane, who have a left path at impact (outside-in), any one or more of the above.

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Here Is The “Secret of Separation” In Action

trey bI want to thank everyone who has downloaded the first of the “Secrets of the MCS” video series, namely the “5 Minutes of MCS,” which lays out the positional and basic motion theory for the MCS swing model.

I have another video on which I’m working which I believe will be a gold mine for any swinger, whether you are going MCS or doing it on your own.

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Why Most People Fail To Change Their Swing

steep down swingNumber 1 and simplest reason – they don’t commit to it.

2nd reason?  They don’t commit to it.

3rd reason?  They don’t know what to change or how, thinking that you can remove a swing flaw from a moving motion by simply deciding to.

Let me tell you a little something that the teaching gurus don’t tell you – without completely overhauling your swing, you aren’t going to change anything, and if you don’t make the commitment to see it through, you’re dead in the water to begin with.

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Coming Over The Top? Here’s One Session With MCS…

before-afterI had a session today with a Wax reader, Richard, who is a pretty good player to begin with, with a single-digit handicap at his club.

Richard (big, big Ben Hogan fan, one of the first things he mentioned was last year’s Wax Golf Ben Hogan Project) first watched the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video about a month ago, if I’m correct, and decided he wanted a little personal tuning.

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