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Jerry Crowell Posting – “10 Years”

Jerry BT Crowell PGAJerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has been a major part of how MCS theory came to be what it is today.

The big change came in late 2014, not even 18 months ago, when Jerry asked me to build him a swing model, as his years of chasing another swing theory had actually left him playing worse than ever before.

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Shot Shaping – Path & Face Part Two (DTL Video)

shaping shotsThis is the second part of the shot-shaping posting regarding the role of club path & club face in producing spin and shape to flight.

Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA is an excellent presenter when it comes to talking about Trackman & Flight Scope data and how to change the parameters of one’s own swing.

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“2 – 1” – Easy Shot Shaping (MCS Swing Theory)

dj & jerryThe great thing about having a swing model that works is that you can more easily shape shots.

The classic era pros made it a lot harder on themselves, even though they had more mechanically-sound swings than today’s players.

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BT Closing In On MCS “Perfect Pivot!” (Updated)

extUpdate with a fresh gif at bottom

Fresh off his near-miss qualifying for the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open, I’ve got Jerry “BT” Crowell closing in on the mechanics for the MCS “Perfect Pivot” action.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, there are a million ways to swing mechanically-correctly.

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Once More – The Leg “Snap” Is A Swing Flaw

krista top2The whole point about improving one’s swing is not so that one can play golf – you can play golf with any kind of swing, and you’ll even see guys on the PGA and other Tours playing with swings that are far from perfect.

What they’ve got that you don’t have is all the time in the world in which to work on making a less-than-optimal swing work and repeat enough for their other skills (course management, wedge play, short game, putting) to allow them to compete and even win.

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The MCS “Perfect Pivot” Move

perfect pivotI’m working with Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA, on his swing model which we’ve nearly got to the “cruising” stage where he simply keeps swinging the same way without anything to adjust or work on for better performance.

With him, it’s getting that pivot as tight and leveraged as possible.

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Krista Twet’s MCS Swing Is Getting There!

krista - top & impWell, once again, I am seeing what great work Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA is doing with the MCS swing theory when it comes to higher level swingers and players.

You were introduced to one of his students, (NCAA Division I) U of Cali Riverside team member Krista Twet, who is transforming into a really solid technical swinger under the Big T.

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Rickie Fowler Over The Years

rickie_fowlerI went back and checked my blogging archives – I’ve been blogging on the golf swing with various site URLs, beginning with Smash Golf, then DJ Watts Golf and now, Wax Golf.

I was surprised that I’ve written as much as I have about Rickie Fowler, but then, his swing years ago couldn’t be ignored if one were focused on mechanically-correct action.

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Rickie Fowler’s Swing Gets Better & Better

fowler swing seqI haven’t seen Rickie Fowler’s swing action this year, but I decided to take a look at something recent in light of his win at the HSBC event in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

If it’s like this one from about six months ago – he’s undergone a stunning change from the back-breaker move he had a couple of years ago.

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MCS – “Synchronicity”

bt dj 1This is just a quick comparison sequence I made from a driver swing of Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell versus myself yesterday at the Golf Dome.

What you’ll see is, even though no two swings will ever be exactly the same – is that with a proper swing model, in this case the MCS “Floating Heel Pivot” model, you’ll see a lot of the same things going on with two different swings.

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