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Ken Joersz, PGA – MCS = “No Pain In The Knee Or Ribs!”

newmcs-logo2I met someone while I was in Southern California last Friday.

Ken Joersz (or “KJ,” as I call him) has been a Head Professional at the Four Seasons’ Hualalai Resort in Hawaii, as well as having held the position of Head Pro at PGA West in La Quinta, CA, and finally Head Pro at Pelican Hill G.C. in Newport Beach, CA.

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DKondo Wins Big Bucks At Year End Event

DKondoIt was a full slate for DKondo last week.

Not only did he attend the Wax Golf meetup in Riverside, CA last week at Goose Creek G.C., he finished the previous season off in style at his golf association’s year-end event on the Monday.

I got to see DK swinging personally for the first time when he made it, and I have to say that this would be no surprise.

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Brandel Chamblee’s Book Nails The “Lie” Of Modern Swing Theory

brandel chambleeUpdate: You can read about Brandel’s new book “Anatomy of Greatness” and order it here, among other places… looks like a good read!

You should watch this video piece with Brandel Chamblee, who is dispensing more advice regarding what I call the “classic” or classic era golf swing.

I remember calling a model I was working on, way back in 2007, the “50’s Classic” model because it had the same floating heel pivot action as the players from that era.

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