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If You Want To Know Why Ian Poulter Is Playing Better..

I have an observation that one of WAX Nation passed on to me with regards to Ian Poulter’s swing on weekend (thanks A.M.!).

I would hazard a guess that some of it has to do with renewed focus and commitment, but this is a guy who nearly lost his Tour card before suddenly going on a tear this year, making the semi-finals in the WGC Matchplay and then winning the Houston Open yesterday!

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So Awesome… The “Hogan Float”

HoganI’ve been looking at Ben Hogan’s swing mechanics more closely now for the first time in years.

Ironically, I started out my swing research in 2005 looking at two swingers, Moe Norman and Hogan himself, nearly nine years ago.

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The Leading Heel Lift

?????????????This will be old hat for anyone who’s been reading my blogging for any length of time, but I’m building up a library of quick swing advice clips for the Wax Golf Channel so apologies if this is something that bores you.

There are of course lots of swingers in golf who swing with both feet planted on the ground during their back swing, but they are either people who 1) Have the flexibility to do so and 2) Don’t swing harder than they should from that kind of position or 3) they are doing it now and will pay later.

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