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Work Continues On “MCS – Perfect Pivot”

hogan pivotThanks to everyone who sent their well-wishes.

I have returned from the other side, the other side being a very unpleasant dental infection that stopped my production of “MCS – Perfect Pivot dead in its tracks last weekend.

While I expected to miss a couple of days (or so) dealing with the actual infection and pain, I wasn’t prepared for the effects that the week-long antibiotic regime would bring, those being a complete lack of energy and total mental torpidity.

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Jack Nicklaus Destroys The Modern Swing – In 1974

USA team captain Jack Nicklaus(L) puts aThanks to KidCharlemagne for sending the quote from the book.

Jack Nicklaus is the greatest player of all time on the PGA Tour, although some would claim that title should go to Tiger Woods.

I say, “Balderdash,” and for reasons I’ve outlined before. The first of which being, the greatest player of all time doesn’t cripple himself swinging a 13 oz golf club, a statement with which I’m sure most would agree.

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Hey Tiger – Guess What Foley’s Students Are Doing…

rose addrDear Tiger Woods,

I know you likely won’t ever read this Open Letter, but I would still love it if someone close to you showed you the following things, since you left Sean Foley’s camp a little over 18 months ago.

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“Groundhog Day” (Or, The Definition of Insanity)

tw dtlYou’ve all heard the buzz by now, I’m sure, about Tiger Woods’ latest stab at pretending he’s game fit and just about ready to return to action.

Sadly, people are getting way ahead of themselves.

From what I’m reading, TW claims to have played 5 holes (his first play since last year before his back-to-back back surgeries), and suddenly people think he’s about to return.

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The Michelle Wie Injury Train Rolls On

wie pivot anaProbably to the eventual wreck that brings about her retirement and the unthinkable label of “under-achieving” or “disappointing,” this with a major victory on her resume.

Tragically, it’s hubris that is Michelle Wie’s downfall – I can draw a parallel to another superstar’s seeming inability to figure out that what they were doing – wasn’t working… and that would be one Tiger Woods.

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I’d Rather Have A Root Canal Than Use The Modern Golf Swing

rootcanalI don’t know about you all, but a root canal is not the most pleasant experience to be had.

I think I’ll be having another go, as a tooth I had treated in 2008 developed some tenderness a couple of days ago, which expanded quickly into the familiar “hear we go” ache of infection yesterday, and which is now an eye-watering, can’t-chew-my-food event.

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The Proper Release Action

finau releaseI will be working all weekend on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video and I remembered how many people are not actually aware of what a proper “release” is in a right-handed golf swing.

Most people are stuck in the visual of the “hold-off” release where the arms and hands continue to move as if to “push” the club through impact and to throw the club “at the target.”

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MCS – Perfect Pivot (A Little Teaser)

hogan pivotI’ve been taking care of some odds and ends while getting some mental rest from video production, and I had completely forgotten in my focus to post the preliminary part of the upcoming video as I have with previous videos.

The work continues!  This is just the intro to MCS – Perfect Pivot,” which serves more to illuminate those just joining the part on exactly what the deal is with the MCS Golf Swing theory.

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How Did I EVER Hit A Ball?

dj imp dtlLet alone pelt them over 350 yards?

I found my true adjustment-for-my-scoliosis today, an even better one than the angled foot line adjustment.

And I found it by figuring out that I actually have two swing arcs because of the spinal twist and the nature of a circular golf swing.

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Classic Ben Hogan (Video)

hogan topI’m having to take a mental break from video production, and will likely just go hit some balls and work on my adjusted address a little more.

I found this video of Ben Hogan on Youtube while looking for another Hogan clip, but I want you to all look at Hogan’s swing even in the ’70’s, where you will notice what no one else seems to have seen before the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project.”

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