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Tiger Woods’ Story In This Golf Magazine Piece

I found the below article posted on, and it’s ironic that my comment exchange with HarleyWeedWhacks only yesterday touched on this precise issue.

The piece deals with golfers tending to reverse-pivot on the back swing as they get older, due to loss of flexibility, especially in the lower body, and how not to fall victim to it.

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Michelle Wie Not Finished With The Madness

wie-addressIt’s been a while since Michelle Wie last won an event (nearly 2.5 years since her 2014 U.S. Open win), and she appears more likely to continue her ride on the injury train than to return to winning form anytime soon.

It’s a maddening thing to watch someone with such obvious and lofty athletic ability (like Tiger Woods in better days) absolutely wrecking their bodies with improper technique, and when targettom sent me the below Instagram clip, I felt a headache coming on.

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