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Why You Don’t Swing From A Left Bias (Tiger Woods)

tw-addrSince Tiger Woods’ swing “gurus” have been an utter disaster for him, let’s hope he’s got someone who might read Wax Golf blog and perhaps pass this on.

Left Bias swinging…

Otherwise known as, “The Back-Breaker,” this way of swinging will do exactly that if you’re swinging hard enough.

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On Kinesiology (Why Things Work And Don’t Work)

tiger-woods-acl-reconstructive-surgeryOriginally posted September 17, 2015 – Re-Posted as this goes great with yesterday’s posting

The main problem people have with golf swings is that they don’t realize that kinesiology is more than just the study of human motion.

If you look at the actual definition of kinesiology, say from the wikipedia version of the word, you’ll see that kinesiology actually involves much more than the basic (mechanical) motion.

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Why MY Center-Biased Swing Didn’t Kill Me (Video)

drv seq 2009Here is a clip of two swings from the golf course back in September of 2009.

I had decided that summer to focus on the playing aspect of the swing rather than just the swing model motion, so I didn’t do any range work whatsoever that year.

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Leadbetter’s “A” Swing Gets An “F”

a swingOne of my good friends and Wax Nation member Kid Charlemagne sent me a link to the new article on David Leadbetter’s latest offering to the “Ruin My Body” industry known as modern golf instruction.

I must say that I’ve seen some shocking things over the last few years watching people trying to swing a golf club proficiently, but I was not prepared to look at what I saw before my morning coffee.

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A Few Pics = A Million Words (Tiger Woods & Sean Foley)

tiger tops1I had posted earlier about my intention to put up some comparison photos of Tiger Woods in the early 90’s and in 2000 with a picture of what his former swing coach Sean Foley considers to be a proper pivot.

This is not to pick on either of them, but to illustrate how junk science took five years away from one of the best golfers in PGA Tour history and led to his plethora of injuries before Tiger finally pulled the plug on the deal at summer’s end.

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