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Why You Don’t Swing From A Left Bias (Tiger Woods)

tw-addrLeft Biased swinging…

Otherwise known as, “The Back-Breaker,” this way of swinging will do exactly that if you’re swinging hard enough.

I have in the past swung from a left-biased address position, but I didn’t do it for long – just long enough to test it out and see what the deal was, and I rejected this way of swinging as a proper method years ago… like, back in 2008.

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On Kinesiology (Why Things Work And Don’t Work)

tiger-woods-acl-reconstructive-surgeryOriginally posted September 17, 2015 – Re-Posted as this goes great with yesterday’s posting

The main problem people have with golf swings is that they don’t realize that kinesiology is more than just the study of human motion.

If you look at the actual definition of kinesiology, say from the wikipedia version of the word, you’ll see that kinesiology actually involves much more than the basic (mechanical) motion.

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The Denial Is Strong In Some… The “Como-ver”

VibrantPerfectAurochsHumor is the best medicine, so let’s have a chuckle today.

Just a short posting and a picture which tells you everything you need to know about the deluded world of the modern swing instructors and their followers.

The cognitive dissonance the past week or so has led me to wonder if there is something in the water being used to irrigateĀ the golf courses and driving ranges.

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