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REAL Sports Science Puts Modern Golf To Shame

zuback-6I linked to the Youtube clip on Jason Zuback the other day while talking about ball speed.

It boggles my mind that Zuback, in the early 2000’s, was around 200 mph in ball speed (Ryan Winther now holds the official record in ball speed at around 227 mph and an unofficial mark of 237 mph).

That’s because I have actually gotten into the mid-190’s without having to live in the gym because of technique over muscle power, but one thing I can tell you – the clip below puts the Modern Golf Swing industry to shame.

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Jason Zuback – Great Swing, Change The Angle

zuback dtlThe only thing I would ever critique in the “winningest” Remax Long Driver ever is his swing angle.

If your back hurts looking at Jason Zuback at the top, it’s because it should hurt looking at that position.

That position is caused by swinging on an angle that is not the same angle you’d use to hit a tree with an axe, or throw a stone over the ball as it sits on the tee.

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