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Full Circle In 4 Years – Back To “Swinging A Stick”

swing a stickSome of you have been around for more than the past couple of years, so I bet you’ll remember the video I made over 3 years back (released November ’13), when I said I had figured out the concept of the Mike Austin swing model, and it was as simple as “swinging a stick.”

Well, not to my surprise, because I fully know how to swing a stick, that concept was correct, and the only problem I had with it was the same problem I had with the MA model.

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If My Numbers Indicate – Huge Power Increase

speedI have been swinging the SwingRite and it occurred to me to dig out the Swing Speed Radar I’ve got in my bag, and to see what the different speeds would be to “click” the stick on certain settings.

When I had it on my usual setting (around 5.5 – 5), I couldn’t get it to click unless the tip reached around 90¬†mph, and let’s look at the ratio of the SwingRite’s length to my 45″ TaylorMade RBZ, and what this may portend.

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