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Tony Lema Demonstrates Why Jason Day Hurt His Back

jason dayI was watching the highlights yesterday, having missed the live coverage wherein Jason Day re-injured his back on a particularly vigorous cut on the 16th tee.

Earlier in the round against Graham McDowell, he had driven the 370 yard 5th hole with a big bomb, as well.

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Justin Rose Sipping From the Holy Grail?

RoseI was sent this swing gif. by DKondo this past weekend, and apologies for the picture quality, but he noticed something and grabbed a clip on his phone while watching the Bay Hill Invitational.

He also remarked to me that Justin Rose had a couple of “longest drives” on certain holes.

This is interesting, because Rose has never been known as a power swinger, but don’t look now – the man with the same coach as Tiger Woods and the center-biased planted-heel swing model, may have begun to sip from the Holy Grail

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Anatomy Of A Harpoon – The Planted Heel

tiger como1Originally posted February 15, 2015

You’ll find a lot of people saying, “I’m very flexible, so I don’t have to float my heel to get a full back swing pivot.”

And you’ll see a lot of those people in traction one day, most likely.

Because just getting a full shoulder turn with a planted heel is not the point of a golf swing – the point of the golf swing is to swing the golf club to strike the ball sitting there in front of you.

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Wax Golf SW Summit 2 – Goodyear, AZ – April 4th

dj at clinicUpdate: While the Summit is planned for the 4th, I will actually be in Arizona from April 1st through the 5th, so if anyone can’t make the Summit but wishes to do something swing-related, send me an email (see my contact page) or make a comment in the sign-up form, and I will see what we can do!


I’m pleased to announce that there will be a 2nd Wax Golf Southwest Summit at the Golf Club of Estrella on April 4th!

I’m going back to Arizona for a little more shooting on the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot video, and Trevor Finton from Estrella G.C. graciously agreed to provide the venue for another Summit.

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Before Modern Swing Guys Jump The Bandwagon

mcs2.0I’m certainly not the one who’s going to let all of the Modern Golf Swing guys either slink into ignominious anonymity or jump onto the Classic Golf Swing bandwagon as if they were always on board.

I have a long memory, and I remember the lonely struggle of trying to stop people from swinging in the modern style, and the hubris of swing coaches like Sean Foley when they first hit the scene.

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Et Tu, Peter Kostis? What On Earth Is THIS?

kostis articleI received something in the mail today from a Wax Golf reader (thanks KS, and sorry that you had to rip that page out!) who apparently gets the magazine in paper form, and I have been unable to find given the link to this article from Peter Kostis.

However, I will state that I have tried to contact Peter Kostis several times through social media and actually even through an associate of his, whom you see on TV (his identity is not relevant to this posting).

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I Hurt My Back On A Saturday – My Swing The Next Week

dj imp estrellaJust to illustrate for you all how the proper golf swing is a full-body motion (you can say “one-piece” if you wish, as it includes more than just the take-away), and that you shouldn’t be “putting your back into it…”

Early Saturday morning, just sitting idly watching TV before bed on the 5th of March, I leaned to the side and something in my back went “Snap, Crackle & Pop,” and the pain was so sudden and intense that I actually groaned aloud as I settled back into the sofa with gritted teeth.

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Home Again – Phoenix AZ Rocks!

dj at clinicI am please to have landed back in Toronto without a glitch last evening.

In stark contrast to returning from California in January, where it took nearly an hour to get out of the airport through customs and then encountering a flat tire in the parking garage in sub-freezing temps – I sailed through customs in 15 minutes and was home a little more than an hour after landing!

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Day 2 – Wax Golf Clinic @ Golf Club of Estrella

gc of estrellaDay 2 of the Wax Golf MCS Golf Swing Clinics is now a done deal.

Another great day, and more amazing folks from the Phoenix area (and beyond, MWehman & family came all the way from the Pacific Northwest!), and another fabulous day at the Golf Club of Estrella in Phoenix, AZ.

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Wax Golf Clinic Day 1 @ GC of Estrella

gcestrella01Day 1 is in the books for the Wax Golf MCS Golf Swing Clinic at the Golf Club of Estrella.

And what a day it was!

I can’t believe how focused and intense everyone was, getting down the business of MCS‘ing their golf swings.

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