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Nearly Reached a 363 Yard Hole

d3sloOriginally Posted on the Smash Golf Blog on September 29, 2009.

I hadn’t played since last Thursday due to work and being sick as a dog, but I had to get out today. It was windy and cool, but it felt great to get back out. Continue reading


My 270 Yard 4 Iron

mcs 5 ironOriginally published on the Smash Golf blog Sept 2, 2009

I was playing a round of golf yesterday working out more of the swing adjustment I made last week, and I was using irons off the tees on a few of the par 4’s instead of my driver.

I do this when I want to work on my irons because when I hit Driver on par 4’s, I am always left with a wedge to the green, and playing golf with Driver-wedge not only gets boring, you don’t get to use the irons in the bag.

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