My 270 Yard 4 Iron

5i topOriginally published on the Smash Golf blog Sept 2, 2009

I was playing a round of golf yesterday working out more of the swing adjustment I made last week, and I was using irons off the tees on a few of the par 4’s instead of my driver.

I do this when I want to work on my irons because when I hit Driver on par 4’s, I am always left with a wedge to the green, and playing golf with Driver-wedge not only gets boring, you don’t get to use the irons in the bag.

On the 350 yard sixth hole, I pulled the 4-iron out and hit a beauty right down the pipe. It flew so far down the fairway that one of my playing partners asked in disbelief, “What the hell did you hit there?” I was well past the two balls that my friends had hit with their drivers.

I figured I had hit my ball around 230-240 yards, but that wasn’t even close. I paced twenty yards in from the 100 yard disk to my ball.

“270 yards?” I said, scratching my head. “That can’t be right…”

But it was.

I chopped a little lob wedge to the green, pin-high, and missed the birdie putt.

On the next hole, I hit a 5 iron off the tee on a dog-leg 380 yard hole that turns at the 150 yard stake, making the middle of the fairway about 230 yards out. My ball landed in the fairway and nearly ran into the rough. Probably around 240 yards in total.

I would have been completely overwhelmed by how far I was hitting my irons if I hadn’t hit the 380 yard drive last Thursday. I truly believe I am getting very close in technical terms to the swing mechanics developed by Mike Austin.

I’ve got about 2 months of golf weather left, perhaps 2 and a half, if the weather holds until mid-November. I’m really hoping that I can declare “Mission Accomplished” on the full swing research so that I can start next year working on the short game right off the bat in late March or early April, whenever the golf season starts up again. Hitting the ball long and straight means nothing on the golf course if you can’t get it up and down from inside 100 yards.