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Video News! Also, The Heavy Driver & Rory McIlroy’s Injury

I have just finished speaking with the Welshman and I can tell Wax Nation that the upcoming “E = MCS” video is a near slam-dunk assured to be the.best.ever. due to his assistance.

He is currently in the midst of arranging for me to get use of a video drone, so that if we get it, we will be shooting angles I’ve never before shown – bird’s eye up the line shots, directly overhead shots, ball tracking shots – and perhaps even a Go-Pro camera that, clipped to the bill of my cap, will show what I’m looking at when I swing, and showing just how stable the head is during the swing.

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Proper Address & Mechanics = Stable Head

I do not have a perfect golf swing by any means, but as I’m fond of saying, a model for the golf swing should be… or why is it a model to begin with?

Do we build houses using imperfect models, or do you want the model in theory to be perfect with regards to measurement and scale?

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The Theory Is Proven – Position Is Everything

Of course, with the position comes the requisite mechanical action, but you can’t have the proper mechanical action without compensatory moves unless the starting position is proper.

Think of a basketball free-throw or baseball pitch, for two examples – you can have “perfect” free-throw technique or a “perfect” pitching delivery, mechanics-wise – but if you are not positioned properly, you won’t hit the target.

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I Solved The Scoliosis/Adjustment Problem

I don’t know how many of you are into math, but I will make a comparison with a problem that’s been bedeviling me for years upon years, no matter what I did to try to adjust for it.

That issue was the scoliosis, wherein in my spine is bent to the left and twisted in a staircase-type spiral, making me bend to the left with open shoulders when I stand naturally with my feet parallel to what would be the target line.

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More MCS Proof – Momentus Heavy Driver

I took the Momentus Heavy Driver to the range yesterday to begin proving that the Modern Golf Swing bunk about “using the ground” for power is exactly that, bunk, as well as to disprove that golf swings today have to be different because of the lighter equipment.

If that were true, I’d have to use a different swing for a regular driver, a long driver and yet a third swing action for the Momentus Heavy Driver, correct?

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Sean Foley Strikes Again – Si Woo Kim Back Injury (Updated)

Updated At Bottom – Worse Than I Thought

I was looking at Si Woo Kim’s swing this past weekend after he won the Players Championship, and while I thought his swing looked a lot better than Tiger Woods’ ever did under Sean Foley (update – WRONG, I just hadn’t seen the face-on angle) – the Foley Curse has reared its head again.

Now, you may ask yourself, how on earth does a 21 year old hurt his back swinging a 13 oz golf club?

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Testing The Simplified MCS Model – Success!

I have to say that I have been surprised by the relative speed with which swingers have taken to the simplified methodology that makes up the MCS Golf Swing model.

In going back to my early MCS days, the model has changed since then, but the method of adopting it back then was the simpler way to do it.

So, why not take the more effective method and apply it to what the MCS model has become, I thought?

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Lefty MCS Swinger (Great Action)

I spent some time this weekend with a Wax Golf’er who visited me from Quebec province.

Charles is a physiotherapist and a 4 handicap who has been following my MCS swing research all the way back to when I was posting swing videos (when he mentioned seeing me swinging while wearing a bucket hat, I was floored, because I haven’t worn one since ’09 or ’10).

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It’s Not Where Rory Ends Up (It’s Whence He Came)

I’ve been getting questions about the posting regarding Rory McIlroy and my problem with his swing, and perhaps I wasn’t clear, so I’ll clarify.

I have pointed out his post-impact position and the problem is that it’s not anything near to his stance set-up.

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