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Remember “Swinging A Stick?” Well, That’s My Visual Again

The old-timers here at WAX Golf will remember the video I made back in 2013 where I compared the visual and action of a proper golf swing as merely “swinging a stick.”

Now that I’ve settled the grip question in my mind and have got back to the proper bias and setup position, that familiar visual and feeling have returned.

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I May Just Be An Idiot (Probably) – On The Swing Model

I’ve made mention this week that, having investigated the grip issue extensively for two weeks, the notion of a super-weak grip for the MCS Classic Golf Swing model was more than likely a red herring.

I also said that there was an issue in the setup that kept coming up and which I kept discarding, and wouldn’t you know that it wasn’t that issue, either?

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Conclusion – The Weak Grip Was A Dead End

I reached this conclusion when I realized that the four gentlemen in this small study group of mine (only the four best players of all time) all had idiosyncratic moves that may have been caused or at least influenced by the weak grip.

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Paddy Harrington’s Impressive (And Frightening) Move

This swing apparently produced a 367 yard drive, but a grain of salt warning, it was on a Scottish links course (the King’s Course at Gleneagles in Scotland) and we know how the ball runs half the distance of the total drive (joking, but close) … but anyway…

Padraig Harrington is the swinger in question here, and by the PGA Champions Tour caption, they apparently think his footwork is to be admired (we know they wouldn’t insult a player in their feature Tweets, so we have to assume a positive tone here).

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Tuesday Was Interesting (Session 7 & Thoughts)

I thought, coming home on Tuesday afternoon, that I had not made any significant progress on the finalization of the swing model.

First, it was over 31C (approx 88F) with a humidex into the mid-30’s (high 90’sF) and I thought I was going to melt after the first few warm-up swings.

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Look At This 14 Degree Launch Angle w/8.5 Loft Driver

I know most people will be taking in the Open Championship today and I’ll be out until the afternoon, so I thought I’d just put up something light before I head out.

It always tickles me to see people launching themselves into the air and analysts saying that it’s to create “vertical lift” on the ball, because the club face is what’s making the ball move from it’s teed position and not the swinger’s body or feet.

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The “One Major Move” Still Works For Both Models, I Believe

When I coined the “one major move” concept of the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, I had yet to get rid of my left-dominant setup and swing issues.

Even when I wrote last winter that the concept still applied, I hadn’t studied the issue of the grip for both models (I was of the opinion that it was a standard neutral for both),  but now, having solved that problem, I have re-visited the concept and am of the opinion that it will work even better than I had envisioned.

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There Is Of Course No Limit To The Number Of Golf Swings

You can call this Pt 2 of yesterday’s posting, wherein I’ll clarify what I mean by “optimal swing” and how it pertains to modeling.

There is of course no limit to the number of different ways in which people swing a golf club – I would never say that there is only “one swing model,” because you see people playing golf and winning millions of dollars with varying degrees of difference in their swings.

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6 Sessions – How Many More For MCS Classic?

Some thoughts on the journey that began in ’05 and the issue of technique – I’ve been reflecting on the journey this past week and I have to say, I think I’ve done more with my golf swing theory work in the last year than I did in the preceding 15.

Further to that, I would say I’ve done more solid theory work in the last 6 weeks than in the preceding year – it’s almost like an exponential process where, to get that last 10% of the way from 90% to 100%, one has to really open up one’s mind that nothing in that previous 90% is written in stone.

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But Of Course – 2 Models = 2 Setups, 2 Grips, 2 Pivots…

The best decision I’ve done recently has been to focus on one model instead of trying to work on both, and I’ve been vindicated on that.

In doing the work on the grip, the picture began to clear as soon as I looked at what the hands are doing in the setup, during the pivot and at impact – wonder of wonders (sarcasm here, it should have been obvious), the MCS Classic Golf Swing & Post-Modern Golf Swing models are as different as day and night.

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