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Moe Norman’s “Master Move” = The MCS “Drop & Pop”

I got a request from a Wax Nation reader to talk about Moe Norman’s so-called “Master Move,” which he explains, albeit in a tortured way, at the beginning of the video clip below.

He calls it his “vertical drop and horizontal tug,” and while the first part of that description is very, very correct, I would not suggest paying any attention to the second part about “horizontal tug.”

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Brandel Chamblee Asks A Question… The Answers Are Stunning (Updated)

**Update At Bottom

A tip of the hat to everyone who emailed me on this… I actually read it shortly after it was posted, in my morning golf sites browsing.

You’ll all remember how enthused I was about Brandel Chamblee’s book last year on the classic golf swing, “Anatomy of Greatness,” and he has returned with a piece he wrote for GolfWRX.

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Dear Rory McIlroy – “Feel” Sometimes Isn’t “Real” (Updated)

rory-impactUpdate: I have re-written this post after a discussion with FN as he made a very valid point – there are two fulcrums in the swing, and I will deal with that issue in a separate posting.

This is on how Rory McIlroy posted a picture that doesn’t show what he thinks it’s showing, and that’s the hands leading the ball at impact.

Thanks to targettom for forwarding me the Twitter images below.

I have a picture that Rory McIlroy with his assertion that he’s hitting the ball with an upward AoA and a forward leaning shaft with his driver, and the picture doesn’t prove that.

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“This Isn’t Even Wrong” Edition – Restricted vs Full Hip Turn (Golf WRX)

wrx2OK, everyone is talking about the posting purporting to “test” Brandel Chamblee’s assertions (and it’s news to me that Chamblee is the originator of something I’ve been saying myself for years now, and that Jack Nicklaus rejected in 1974, but whatever), that a restricted-hip swing is harmful to the lower back.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this confusing piece of non-analysis from Tom Stickney II over at Golf WRX, because I’m getting emails about it – you fellas are quick – so here goes, guys!

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Mickelson: Wrap The Modern Swing In a Back Brace

phil-mickelsonThanks to Pat G. for sending me the link.

Wow, I’m loving this from Phil Mickelson!

I just mentioned in this morning’s earlier posting that Phil Mickelson, the second in career majors among active players (if you count Tiger Woods as “active,” which is a stretch, but whatever), is a classic golf swing adherent.

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Gary Player Nails It On The Classic Golf Swing

player setupI read a very interesting comment by Gary Player yesterday from the GeoffShackelford blog, and I think it illustrates perfectly the dilemma faced by Modern Golf Swing advocates – they have to admit that players are breaking down swinging this way.

I didn’t hear the original comments by either Brandel Chamblee or Frank Nobilo, but I can assume that Player was responding to the implication that players are over the hill after 30, whomever did so.

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Forbes – “Anatomy” Most Important Golf Book Of Our Generation?

forbesYou can check out Forbes Magazine online and read an article by contributor Larry Omsted, who asks that pertinent question:

Is Brandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” the most important golf book in our generation?

The answer, simply, is “Yes.”

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It’s About Change – And Brandel Chamblee Is The Agent

chamblee book3If you have been wondering why I’ve been pushing so hard on Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness,” then you obviously haven’t read it yet – because once you do, you’ll understand why.

This has never been about my trying to carve out a niche in the game of golf, or to earn a living teaching the golf swing – it has been my focus on changing the golf swing back to the proper fundamentals of the Classic Golf Swing era.

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Post-Release Analysis – Brandel Chamblee’s “Anatomy”

chamblee book coverOK, now that people have had their first glance at Brandel Chamblee’s excellent work “The Anatomy of Greatness,” we can continue to examine it.

I didn’t do so before, because no one would have known what I was talking about, since I got to read it weeks in advance of the release (thanks, Brian Lewis from Classics of Golf!).

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Blast From The Past! (New MCS Swing Model ’13)

dj imp new mcsI was sent a Youtube link by one of my Wax Golf readers (thanks Benoit, what a nostalgic feeling I had, watching this!), from my own account, mind you – and here is the proof of what Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness” asserts…

This swing model of mine, developed in 2013 and my first independent swing model (all previous models had been developed studying another person’s swing theory), is the same in principle as my current and last swing model.

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