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Why Jack Is And Always Was The Standard

I always say that although Jack Nicklaus didn’t have a “perfect” golf swing, it was closest to the optimal in his best form and you can’t go wrong emulating him.

Case in point – although I looked at all of the greatest swingers from Bobby Jones to Tom Watson, there is only one you have to compare your own swing to, and that’s Nicklaus.

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What Did I Say About Nicklaus Being So Close To Optimal? Watch This Stance Adjustment

I wrote about how 23 year old Jack Nicklaus’ swing at that time was so close to being unable to be improved upon, and let me show you what I meant by that.

His down the line has always been what one would call an optimal stance, with the erect, non-squatting posture, relaxed upper spine and weight balanced over the feet.

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The Grip Changes Everything For Me

I’ve said that if you don’t implement all parts of a working model, it is bound to fall apart, but I’ve just discovered something in reverse – fix the issue and everything first unravels but then can be rearranged correctly.

You’ll note that, time and time again, I made changes to my setup and mechanics, only to say that while it was an improvement, there was still something off with the motion.

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A New Theory Involving The Grip – And Standing At The Precipice?

Since I noticed that I had not stayed with the neutral grip that I mentioned having fixed, I have been looking extensively into the grip and why it’s not just recommended but required – and I discovered something else.

What that was, was that I really never “fixed” my grip to make it neutral, and that was the problem causing certain things to go off-script in my golf swing.

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MCS Classic Golf Swing – Weight “Transfer” & The C7 Rotation Point

Words definitely matter when you’re speaking or writing about the swing, because if the diagram, picture or video were sufficient, we’d simply watch and implement, wouldn’t you agree?

In that regard, let’s just get rid of the word “shift” when it comes to the Classic Golf Swing, particularly the MCS version of it, because there is no “shift” in the optimal swing.

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Overhead View Of Jack Nicklaus Shows Interesting Things

Thanks to BM for reminding me of  the existence of overhead video showing Jack Nicklaus’ driver swing.

If you’re interested in Jack’s “Golf My Way” video, you can find it here on Youtube. The overhead part from which I took the below shots to make a couple of Gif.s is at 45:00 of the video.

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Jack Nicklaus’ Power – Watch The Weight Shift

I’ve broken that long iron swing of Jack Nicklaus’ from yesterday’s post down into the 2 separate components of the back pivot (loading the trebuchet) and the down swing weight shift (leveraging the trebuchet).

This weekend, you’ll be able to watch all you want of today’s pro players contorting themselves trying to generate power from every wrong way, and you can compare them to Nicklaus’ weight shift leveraging his power effortlessly.

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Once You See The Vertical Swing

Once you see the “vertical” nature of the swing, as I said I only see “up” or “down” with the swing action, you will spot it in technically superb swing actions.

Jack Nicklaus, at times, came so close to the optimal swing action, it’s why he was able to win 18 majors and snag 19 runner-up finishes (that’s 37 Top 2 finishes in majors, something you’ll never see again).

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