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What A Difference A Grip Change Makes

I got home and looked at some of the video I shot today, and I can’t believe how weak my grip felt today versus how it looks – it’s weaker than last week but still on the strong side, I’d say.

While it may not look much weaker, it definitely made a difference in my setup and swing action and I believe I’m not there yet but nearly.

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A New Theory Involving The Grip – And Standing At The Precipice?

Since I noticed that I had not stayed with the neutral grip that I mentioned having fixed, I have been looking extensively into the grip and why it’s not just recommended but required – and I discovered something else.

What that was, was that I really never “fixed” my grip to make it neutral, and that was the problem causing certain things to go off-script in my golf swing.

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How Close Was I To Optimal? I Think One Thing…

Let’s have some fun with technical analysis in this posting, shall we?

Instead of being enraged by something I noticed wrong with my swing yesterday, it gave me a delayed (after the annoyance phase) sense of satisfaction that I’m actually proving my theory in real time.

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