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Even Right-Dominant Is A “Full Body” Pivot

hips-legsI don’t want people to think that, just because I’m transitioning from the “pulling” or left-dominant down swing to the right-dominant or “pushing/throwing” down swing that I’ve gone away from using the whole body.

That isn’t the case.  I was actually thinking about this myself and wondering how it was possible to focus on the right side and still have as much speed and power as my previous “hybrid” swing with a big “pull” component.

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The Down Swing & Release – Hollow The Shaft (Video)

club-shaftThis is a little clip from the four hours of video that I shot last summer and fall with David D.

Of course, everything couldn’t make it into the final cut of the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, but here’s a little out-take that will be familiar to the old hands.

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Remember Dustin Johnson? Throw Release

dustin-johnson-topOriginally posted November 12, 2014.  DJ leads at Riviera going into the final round!

OK, so he’s taking a little break from playing pro golf after his little run-in with the PGA Tour’s lab testing unit, but if you look at Dustin Johnson’s swing, I mentioned him last spring with regards to why he has such a big bow in his left wrist at the top.

I had looked at his action and determined that he was actually swinging the club with his right hand and arm only and that his left arm was only there for stability and going along for the ride.

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The Iron Byron Drill – Right Side

iron byron screen capOK, I’ve been looking at how best to demonstrate the right arm and hand release action, and of course the best possible mechanical action is that of the Iron Byron.

It’s a very basic premise that involves the “Line of Scrimmage” concept from the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video and we can look at both left and right sides.

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Getting More “Push” To The “Pull” – Leverage & Power

dj imp ldIf you think of the “pulling” part of a hybrid “Push/Pull” down swing, that’s the part that leverages the initial part of that down swing.

The second part, the “push” part, is what adds the power to the leverage.  Granted, there’s plenty of power in a leveraged “pulling” motion, just as there is in the “pushing” or “throwing” part, but it’s the dual nature of using both at the same time that gives the hybrid motion its superior power.

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Wax Nation – Remember This Video? (Push/Pull)

sgt crhis burrellIf you remember this video about which I posted last month, Peter Kostis was attempting to teach someone how to “push” and “pull” the golf swing.

If you’re now watching the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” you’ll see a lot of what he’s talking about with regards to that action.

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Take The Swing “To The Wall”

djs wallI am getting through all of the new material for the upcoming “KinesioIogy of the MCS Golf Swing” material that I had to re-shoot for the video, and here’s a little tidbit for the DJ’s Watering Hole crew on the “mallet” action of the MCS Golf Swing.

This is more for the “throwing” swingers, but if you are a hybrid swinger, this concept should also make sense to you as it simply shows the right or power side action in a throwing and/or hybrid swing action.

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Iron Byron – Throw Release ‘Cause Science…

iron byronYes, the machine known as the “Iron Byron” has a throw release, because, “Science,” of course.

It’s easy to dismiss the notion of swinging with a motion like Iron Byron because, of course, we’re not machines.

And anyone who claims to have a swing model like Iron Byron’s, is of course being absurd, but I imagine it sells… we swing like living machines, and with two arms.

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