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Rotary Pivot vs Shift & Post? – Holy Cow…

My mind has shifted into a different mode now that I’ve solved my setup issues with regards to stance and foot line, and something dropped out of the sky this morning while I went over the down swing transition.

What I was working on last evening was the syncing together of the leading and trailing arms, because even in a right-dominant or left-dominant swing action, you’re still using both arms, just with a different feel of which one is dominant.

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I’ve Got My New Swing Model (And It Looks Like Dunaway’s)

I got the adjustments down correctly, tightened the arms so that they weren’t extended at address, and I have my new swing model!

Also, yes – it looks like a Mike Dunaway swing model.

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I Still Haven’t Debunked Dunaway’s Model

You know the old saw, that a theory cannot be proven to be correct and that it can only be proven wrong – well, I still haven’t been able to debunk Mike Dunaway’s swing model and theory.

After my last two sessions, about which I was indeed correct with regards to my stance adjustments, I was still trying to solve the mystery of why my club face was turning over at impact, producing push-hooks, and I mean push-hooks.

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Why Build My Own Model? In One Word – Leverage

I’ve been going over the mechanics of my new model after having (hopefully) found my optimal setup for the address position.

I’ll be testing it all soon after the weekend and will answer the one question people may have about why I decided to take this route after so many years of swing research.

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Ironic – My “Athletic Model Project” Is The “Dunaway Project”

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but the specter of Mike Dunaway will not leave me alone – time and time again I’ve said “Aha, I’ve got him!” only to be proven wrong.

That could be about to change.

Mike Dunaway, you’ll recall, was a college American football player (I say American because I have European readers who call a different sport “football”), and I daresay he was a better athlete than I was.

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Outdoor Season Is Here – Almost (Plus Progress W/New Model)

My practice facility and the area golf courses have opened for the season, albeit each day’s operations depending on fair weather, but I imagine by next week they’ll all be open whatever the weather.

With that, I may have had my last session indoors at the Tracer Golf facility.  I wish I could say that I trusted the numbers but we’ve been over that, however I used the sessions to work on my new swing model, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

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I Want More Athletic Motion – Here’s July 2015

Before I get into this, there is nothing wrong with the standard Classic Golf Swing model that I built looking at the great swingers of the past.

What I did was create a neutral model, removing the idiosyncrasies if there were any, of those same swingers.

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I Took The Traditional Classic Weighting/Balance…

… and went all the way to the other end of it, which didn’t work of course, but I worked my way back and found the middle ground that works, I believe.

I really don’t want to go into details about what I’m doing because, until I actually say there is a new model different from the standard Classic Golf Swing (and the MCS version which was presented in “E = MCS” and subsequent videos), I wouldn’t want people leaving that model.

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Game-Changer Stance? (And It’s Always Post-Session)

I distracted myself talking about Dunaway’s swing model and spent most of today’s session trying to replicate it with the head shift and all, at which I was (no surprise to yours truly) unsuccessful.

The thing is however, it set me thinking about the stance and weight distribution that I prefer to have, and when I got home, it struck me that there is a reason for my preference for this setup.

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