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Day 4 – Just About There On Setup

I forgot my SC300i at home today when I left for the range, but I didn’t need it to measure my longest drives as I was able to laser measure a reliable target at which I was hitting drives – the mound behind the white flag at about 330 yards.

I was actually happy to have left the launch monitor at home because it was nothing but focus on the task at hand, which was to see how I swung and how it looked on video.

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MCS Classic Golf Swing – Weight “Transfer” & The C7 Rotation Point

Words definitely matter when you’re speaking or writing about the swing, because if the diagram, picture or video were sufficient, we’d simply watch and implement, wouldn’t you agree?

In that regard, let’s just get rid of the word “shift” when it comes to the Classic Golf Swing, particularly the MCS version of it, because there is no “shift” in the optimal swing.

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Friday’s Session – Two OK Swings Here

I just finished a post about how I’ve been looking at and thinking of the golf swing the wrong way in attempting to finish my journey of replicating the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, so I won’t bother posting much of Friday’s range session.

Here are a few things however, that I could point out about how things looked at the time:

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I’ve Been Looking At The Swing The Wrong Way, Dimensionally

I’ve been looking and thinking of the swing in 2-dimensional terms, and that is a fatal error.

It’s not as bad conceptually as, say, looking at the swing as ending at impact, which is how many golfers (including the best) injure themselves getting into an impact position they think is correct while not looking at and recognizing that the swing continues to the finish – impact is merely where the ball is struck, but the swing continues, everyone must agree.

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Upon Closer Look – I Know What I Missed (Thank You, Fred Couples)

I was looking at the video from Friday after I got back home, and while the execution was better, I knew I was missing something, even though I had gone to work on the setup and pivot.

What exactly it was, I thought was mechanical, until I happened to see, completely randomly, a Tweet from David Poulton showing a Fred Couples iron swing on a diagonal view.

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New Video – Driver Face-On & DTL – WOW!

I’m not there yet, but I was very happy when I looked at the video both at the range (usually the case) and also upon closer analysis at home (not usually the case).

I didn’t waste any time with the launch monitor today as I was trying to just implement the changes I’ve made since the last range session.

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Things Are Proceeding Apace (And As Originally Expected)

Note: This was the posting I had begun the day before yesterday’s posting on how I nearly had the complete deal with my swing theory in 2015.

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I Was So Close In 2015 – Just The Grip!

While idly browsing through swing clips from various years, I came upon a range session I’d had in May of 2015, which was as I mentioned previously the year the MCS Classic Golf Swing model was born.

While watching how I set up to the ball at that time and looking at my arm attitude, I nearly fell out of my chair – I may have been left-dominant but it was so slight, I was closer to the optimal setup routine, stance and motion than I would be for years.

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I Think Double-Crossed Swinging Is A Huge Factor Even For Right-Handers

I’m referring of course to the right-handed golf swing, so lefties swinging lefty would be the same thing here if you are left-handed and swing left.

But in the land of hockey, there are so many more right-handed Canadians who play golf left-handed than the average nation.

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Progress Report – Not There Yet But A Breakthrough

I won’t be posting any irons swings from Monday, simply because I can barely stand to look at them, so they’re not worth posting.

I had said that it would take a little time for my swing to settle down after fixing a huge setup and mechanics flaw (swinging with a left-dominant arm), and I’m in that in-between place at the moment but not complaining.

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