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Can I Still Drive It 350 And Over? (I Say Yes)

I say that because of the drive I hit on the range yesterday, with a used range ball, that went 332 yards if it went an inch, because I was able to actually laser measure it when it stopped.

I mention all the time that there are mounds at the back of the range guarding the Par 3 course beyond it and, depending on how close you are to the back limits of the range tee deck, can be up to 350 yards distant.

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Just Another Day At The Range (330 Yard Drive)

I was at the range for a couple of hours today doing some work on my swing changes and hitting some balls, but I won’t have the time to get into it all until tomorrow.

Here is a swing I hit which I recorded down the line, and this happens all the time when I’m hitting driver –  this time it was one of the range attendants who happened by to collect empty buckets as I hit a drive.

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I Wish I Knew How Far These Drives Went

I will likely begin my outdoor season this coming week after countless delays (weather, Covid bout and a laceration on my right index finger a couple of weeks ago that is now healed), and I’ve been looking for some decent drives with my old action I want to use for comparison.

I last did any meaningful swing work in 2019 (’20 & ’21 were a write-off with the Covid restrictions and other things with which I was occupied during that time), and I have a couple of swings from August that I don’t mind too much, even with the usual issues that aggravate me.

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Long Drive Swing – Things Just Got Interesting

Well, that didn’t take long at all.

I spent the last two days following my last post working on modelling the traditional long drive swing action with which we’re all familiar and… things are going well.

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Speed Work Soreness! Taking Another Look @ The Long Drive Swing

It’s either the mid-winter doldrums or I’ve reached the end of the line looking at the mechanics of the for-now named Post-Modern swing model.

Also, I really went at it speed work-wise yesterday and just about every back and rib muscle is protesting, so I’m taking another look at the mechanics of what I call the traditional long-drive swing motion.

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