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What A Day – Right Out Of The Blocks (Swing Theory)

You have days when something just falls out of the sky like manna from heaven, today is one of those days.

While doing my work this morning something kept running through my mind with the breakthroughs I’ve made over the past weeks, especially with the setup changes I’ve made to get where I was on Friday afternoon.

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Driving The Ball 350 Yards With My Left Arm

You may ask me why I have fought so hard to fix my left-dominant right-handed golf swing if I could drive the ball 350 yards and beyond doing it that way.

In a word, because I hate disasters.

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Are You Swinging Leading Arm-Dominant?

Moving on from the discussion of what swinging with the leading arm dominant actually means – what problems can arise when swinging with the left arm in a right-handed swing?

And more importantly, are you a non-cross person yet suspect you’re swinging with the wrong arm dominant?

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