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The Trilogy Series Has Concluded – Now It’s Long Drive Time

jn-djI have been going back and forth about what I was doing to do now that my swing research has concluded.

I have thought it was over a couple of times before, but there was always a nagging thought that I might have missed something – well, I can state with confidence that, having cracked the “Dunaway Down Swing,” there is nothing left to look at.

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Blast From The Past! MCS Drives From April 2013

dj-imp-13I was looking through some archived clips from my swing research years, and I ran across a startling series of swings from April of 2013.

2013 is the year I will always view, for whatever reason, as the year my swing research really began to pay dividends – I even told targettom in an email exchange that I don’t consider myself having made any meaningful breakthroughs in swing theory until that year.

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4 Hours Of Video! (“Beyond Perfect Pivot” Project)

djs-wallIs everyone ready for the really good stuff now?

I have just formatted the video footage I shot working with David D. on swing in the past few weeks, and I have 4 hours of raw video from it!

So… let’s talk about “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot,” shall we?

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MCS Swingers’ Reminder – Stance vs Ball Position

Ball-position-NicklausSomething that I see swingers struggle with on the basics of the MCS swing theory and models – the stance doesn’t change from the “Leaning A” position except stance width, and it is the ball position that changes, just as Jack Nicklaus shows in the below picture.

To illustrate how easy it is to swing with any club using the MCS stance, I went through it again with David D. on the weekend while we were mining MCS gold, and it becomes second nature, provided you accept the principles and work on making them “feel” natural.

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Striking Gold With David D – “Dropping The Hammer” (Updated)

djs-wallUpdate: There will likely be two separate videos, one to continue the MCS Trilogy Series (making it a “Quadology” or the proper term, “Tetralogy Series”), and a one-video-for-all Amazon Video project – something for all!  /update

I had been talking about a new concept that could potentially replace the original “Swing Angle” concept to the MCS Swing Theory, and guess what?

I do believe this concept is gold, because I showed it to David D. yesterday while we shot some more end-of-season video working on his swing, and when I did – his reaction told me all I needed to know about it.

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Once Again… Mike Dunaway (Compare The Leading Foot)

mike dunaway impactYou’ll recall my mentioning Ryan Steenberg’s flying left foot and anchored right foot in my analysis of his swing.

That is about the only flaw, as I said, that you can find in his action, and Jamie Sadlowski, as mentioned by HKGolf, had the same issue, along with the PGA Tour’s Charlie Beljan.

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Searching For That Impact Position…

dj addr to impI have talked previously and in passing, about what comes after, or “beyond” the MCS “Perfect Pivot” concept.

And all I’m talking about it refining what the MCS theory provides in positional and mechanical concepts, until you reach the impact position that simply can’t be improved upon.

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Eureka – Possible New MCS Concept

iron-impactI went to the range yesterday to test out a new visualize/physical concept on the MCS Golf Swing, and it went as well as I could have hope – better, even!

The one thing I have found is that people struggle with the Angle of Swing, meaning that they are turning to the target (which leads to open shoulders at impact and a slice or pull).

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This Is What I Like – “IF I Can Help ONE Person…”

addr-imp2I’ve always been very gratified to hear anyone tell me that I’ve improved their golf swing, and a lot of the time, because they are so enthused with the game that they tell me it has improved the quality of their lives… well, you can’t say much about it except, “How about that?!?”

I received another such email about the MCS Swing Theory (improving the swing, nothing mentioned about the quality of life) this morning, and it never fails to tickle me.

I’ll just refer to him as as “Former Pro.”

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When You Get Beyond Perfect Pivot…

dj topAnd by “beyond,” I am talking about not just knowing the positions and mechanical actions that comprise the MCS “Perfect Pivot” swing model…

I am talking about, once you have that, using your position and mechanics to make that full swing better and better each time you pick up a club.

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