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This Is How Silly Modern Golf Has Become (Jordan Spieth)

jordan-spiethI found out yesterday that Jordan Spieth has a swing coach, who is not only there by his side when he’s practicing, but is also shadowing him around the course now, perhaps toting a rucksack packed with duct tape and band-aids.

Color me gob-smacked.

So, the first point I’ll make is that I don’t blog to make friends, nor to garner admirers – I write what I think about the golf swing and on swing mechanics, and my opinion is merely that – but it’s mine.

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Byron Nelson, the Swing Machine

byron nelson topByron Nelson is the greatest ball-striker ever on the PGA Tour, though not many would know it or even remember his name as something other than the man for whom the “Iron Byron” golf swing machine is named.

I would ask anyone who says Byron Nelson wasn’t the greatest swinger ever, why did they name the machine after him?  Tom Watson had said once that Byron hit at least two flag-sticks every round he played.

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